Variety According to the Article by Putnam and Abascal

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Diversity is the understanding that everyone is different and unique, recognizing our individual differences. Differences include sex, gender, sexuality, race, age etc. During this course during week two we received readings about diversity. Two of the readings I’m going to connect to this paper are the ones about Putnam and Abascal. 

In the article Political Scientists: Does Diversity Really work? The writer interviews Robert Putnam and his discoveries. He, Putnam said “The more diverse the group around us, ethically, in our neighborhood, the less we trust anybody, including people who look like us.

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” Putnam believes that the distrust, diversity, and prejudice all play a part in society. In an article by Daisy Grewal Does Diversity Create Distrust? The author looked into Abascal work which he debuted Putnam and found issues in his research. Abascal found “Using the index, a community made up of 80% Whites and 20% Blacks would be considered equally “diverse” as one made up of 20% Whites and 80% Blacks.” In other words he (Putnam) fails to mention what an actual community was. It cannot be identified with an actual neighborhood, it was too broad and only asked the white community, which had issues of prejudice. Problem was we still have racial issues. 

A question asked is how these two, Putnam and Abascal would react to the Trump’s border policy. Trump has issued a zero-policy immigration policy. This policy has the effect of separating families. When you try to sneak into the country and get caught the parents and children are separated and the parents are prosecuted and the children are in detainment. They want to prosecute all illegals coming into the country. So to answer the question, I believe that they both would say that the border is going to show racial issues. Putnam would think that the wall is being built of trust, but not really distrust, but prejudice and being scared of another race that isn’t white. 

Abascal would think that people of non-color would like this policy because “When non-Whites move into predominantly White communities, it has the potential to unmask racism and prejudice.”(Abascal), But they haven’t even moved in yet, they’re showing how they feel before then. But at the end Abascal would react by saying it’s because people are scared of diversity. I would say that Putnam’s idea would have to be more aligned with the generals public sadly. The people who created this new zero-tolerance had ill-intentions and then some of the general public backed their play. They say that they are stealing their jobs and not paying their taxes, which the tax thing is sometimes true but not always. So Americans see this as threatening and reacting from fear and difference.  

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