Urban Space for Women

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Hello, My name is Henrietta Rodman and I proposed a newly redesigned project in urban space to create more of a responsive and appropriate space for all, especially for women participating in everyday life. I believe it is time to confine the concerning lives of women’s living condition as well their wellbeing in the general speaking. Therefore, my proposed redesigned urban space will focus solely on the implementation of apartment buildings, government office, school, park and so on.

Along with this, it comes with the important factors of reducing gender inequality in the household, fostering a sense of belonging for women, having accessibilities and security. As a bohemian woman, I’ve witnessed many women around me struggling to maintain a quality lifestyle independently. We are continuing facing gross discrimination, constant judgments and stereotypes, and on top of that, women still have to live with the potential burdens which I find completely absurd and unjust!

I feel as though we’re either supporting our loved ones and/or completing house chores that need to be done. Unfortunately, this has enabled women like myself in chasing our own dreams and thinking about important things that matter most. In terms of urban space, I believe men are mostly contributed to these areas such as fulfilling more prominent roles in political or social activities. On the other hand, women have been traditionally identified as teachers (in career path), stay home moms, childcare and they are mostly within the “private spare”, isolated from the public life. I believe in creating an urban place that will give them the opportunity to pay more attention to their profession working jobs and furthering their creativeness, which is the significance of this building project.

Just recently electricity has been discovered and only 8% of U.S. household has been wired with electricity. Predominantly most of it is supplied to those living in the city. On the other hand, the lack of electricity is more prevalent in rural areas. Implementing electricity was originally in my plan for my building, but I am fully aware that the typical Greenwich village single-family home and rooming homes are still lit by gas lines which are fixed through the walls. Also, homes were very much cold during winter even though it had small stoves to be lit and fireplaces for coal to be burned. In fact, there was NO central heating for most homes after World War I.

These were some of the living conditions that professional women like myself had to face, and I hope to redesign an abundance of basic necessities in the living space. We should all reflect deeply about how this positively affects women living condition but also promoting MEANINGFUL community engagement such as political participation and social interaction. Also, women should have the opportunity to participate in all various levels of governance, but Redesigning urban space can and should possible guarantee non-discrimination and connectivity among others as well as continuing in growing and establishing the foundation for human rights.

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