Unforgettable Event that Changed my Life

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Our lives are always shaped by events around us. This implies that human life is surrounded by everyday life decisions and choices which always bring about a result which may impact a closer or a far-off individual either positively or negatively. Despite the fact that we as low-level members of the society may not have had a hand in the decision made or we may not even have control over the outcome, it is upon us to synthesize the experience and the information pertaining to that event for us to be able to learn something out of it. With the mentality of learning, comes the effect of persuasion which might influence an individual positively or negatively whereas some people might not actually be affected at all by the event. This is always because the event that occurred might have been insignificant to them in their perspective or they might have unconsciously blocked the memory of the experience to minimize and avoid the possibility of ever reliving it. It is however clear that whereas some events might be insignificant to others, every individual’s life has always been shaped by an event in one way or the other despite them knowing it or not.

?Events revolving around our lives are always vast and extensive and for this reason, these events might often be grouped into several few common categories such as political, social and economic and despite this diversity, each and everyone influences and affect different people in several different ways. Therefore, this paper is about an event that occurred in the country’s history and global history at a delicate stage of my life and ended up changing and shaping my life in a totally different way. A major political event that occurred on the 4th day of November 2008 completely changed my perspective of life altogether (Abramowitz). In 2008, I was a teenager and as it is common with all teenagers, I tried to have all sorts of fun and adventure while embracing the unjust societal norms I was raised in. In America, there exist several forms of inequalities and injustices which are often majorly associated with the minority groups of the African American origin or those of Hispanic origin as compared to the whites who have the white privilege.

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?This particular event was historic and impacting in the sense that it was one of a kind and had never occurred in the world history. The then-junior senator of Illinois State Barack Hussein Obama who was an African America individual born in Hawaii which is not even part of the continental United States was elected as the 44th President of the United States which is one of the offices with the greatest power in the world. He was the first ever person of color to be elected into that office since the independence. Obama was not only elected by the people of color but also by the majority whites too and this became my first realizations that despite the existence of all the animosity and inequalities among the white and the people of color, citizens were still willing to come together to promote a better change and disregard any form of inequality. That day, all the American communities were seen celebrating together initiating a first step towards developing trust and eradicating societal inequalities. As an individual, I had to grow up believing that despite the inequalities and injustices, Americans and people all over the world could still come together in times of need to promote change for the better (Pasek et al.). All of us have the racism effect subconsciously imprinted in our brains but after seeing the impossible happen, some of the inequalities, injustices, and myths regarding the colored community were clarified thus I grew up believing in equality and that we are all the same and whatever can be achieved by one individual could be achieved by the other despite their differences in race or age. Thus, I was completely reformed regarding issues of inequality and injustices.

?Furthermore, Obama acted as a beacon of hope to all people, more so to me, after he was elected. Despite the fact that the United States citizens made an impossible decision which resulted in an extraordinary result, applause should also be given to President Obama for striving and achieving something which in many people’s minds seemed to be impossible. In a country with a majority of whites and white privilege, many odds were against him in terms of becoming the president. However, despite the odds, he did not give up but fought his way through the societal injustices to emerge on top by influencing and persuading many to elect him. This process thus required massive sacrifice and dedication to ensure that he did not lose but outgrew all the obstacles that presented. Obama’s victory was a victory for all individuals of a minority group (Abramowitz). Throughout my teenage years, I went through several problems such as run-ins with the law and sometimes it always felt like I was alone in the world and this was the end of the road for me. However, after what President Obama achieved, it was evident that we should always keep trying despite the obstacles because sooner or later, we always triumph over them and advance into a more peaceful/victorious existence.

?Contrary to many people’s opinions on a black president in the oval office, President Obama delivered as he promised on several matters. For instance, when he took office, the country was on the verge of recession with expensive lifestyles such as high taxes and medical care plans imposed on ordinary citizens. However, he enacted several changes to the government allowing even the middle and the low-class citizens to enjoy the American lifestyle in some perspective (Sullivan). He further went overboard to operate in a very harsh environment with the opposition party criticizing him and downgrading him on his job but he did not let this deflect him from his true objective as it is with true leaders. Therefore instead of focusing on rage, anger, and revenge on the insulting opponents, he channeled all his energy in servicing the country and the citizens to ensure he delivered on his campaign promises of developing America (Sullivan). As a transitioning adult from youth to adulthood, I had to learn more knowledge from the first term of Obama’s presidency. As he kept his word he kept his promises and this earned him a place in the society’s heart earning him a further second term to do even a better job. It is therefore important to stand to our promises so we may receive the award from the society instead of making false promises which might create societal unrest.

?In conclusion, my life changed for the better after the election event in 2008 because I was able to learn some of the greatest moralities present in the life of human beings. That was the time I realized that inequality should be stopped. I further learned that we are all similar and equal hence everybody is capable of achieving greatness despite their social class. Finally, I learned that it is important to keep promises as they reward and it is the correct thing to do whereas violating them is wrong and often has consequences. It is therefore clear that this event changed my life and dominated it for the better.

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