Underaged Drinking

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Studies show that nearly 5,000 adolescents die a year from consuming alcohol at such a young age. Car accidents, homicides, suicide, and other injuries contribute to this statistic. Our youth have been exposed to alcohol as early as 8th grade. The reasoning behind the consumption of alcohol at such young ages result from factors such as: risk-taking, heredity, or environmental aspects. Underaged drinking comes with health effects as well like: brain damage, liver damage, or growth and endocrine damage.

As adolescents’ transition into adulthood, the changes they undergo correlate with having an interest in alcohol usage.

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Scientists have discovered that throughout the brain’s development into the twenties, it has a peak interest for gateway stimuli such as alcohol consumption. The effects puberty has on the body may explain why teens act before they think sometimes. They only realize that these actions have consequences after the fact. The way teens act can be linked to hereditary factors as well.

A fraction of a person’s behavioral and psychological aspects can be traced back to their genetics. Having parents that have a history of alcohol usage, increases the risk of the offspring having alcohol problems. Where a person spends their childhood affects their attitude towards drinking in the long-run.

Peers and parents have a greater influence on a person than they think. As parents consume alcohol regularly or excessively, they should expect their children to do the same eventually. The peers people surround themselves with can cause one to want to try newer things such as: smoking, drinking, or even sexual intercourse. Exposure to things like these creates a sense of curiosity. Not only do the people around us affect us, but what we see on social media also influences us. The way alcohol is marketed makes it seem like consumption of alcohol creates a suave look, or helps others “fit in”. However, many don’t consider the risk factors of underaged drinking.

Consuming alcohol at a young age can affect a person’s long-term and memory skills. We use these skills to recall memories and complete tasks throughout the day. Other than our hearts, our brain is one of the most essential parts of our body. Nothing stops us from aging, so life is to precious to be abusing our bodies with alcoholic beverages in this point in our lives. During puberty our bodies undergo rapid growth and development. There’s a chance that consuming alcohol during puberty can disrupt the hormone balance that’s needed for organs, muscles, and bones during this period of time. It is better for adolescents to be patient until they finish going through puberty to consume alcohol responsibly.

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