How Protecting Oneself from Cyberbullying

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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How Protecting Oneself from Cyberbullying

A practical guide outlining strategies and best practices to shield oneself from cyberbullying. Topics would include digital footprints, online privacy settings, recognizing potential threats, and reporting mechanisms. It would emphasize the importance of emotional resilience and support systems. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Adolescence topic.

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Cyberbullying is prevalent in our society today and it radically affects teenagers. The impact is seen in news stories, posts on social media, and incidents happening at numerous schools around the country. Cyberbullying is ubiquitous, and victims can be identified by their behavior. The bullies themselves possess specific characteristics. This needs to be stopped. I will be discussing how to prevent cyberbullying, how parents can contribute to halting it, signs of cyberbullying, and finally, how to prevent it on social media.

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One way to prevent cyberbullying is by discussing the problem. Every psychologist will attest that the optimal way to assist your child or student is by initiating a conversation (Fitzgerald, Pattie). Another strategy to deter bullying is by standing up for yourself, ensuring that you are able to maintain your ground. Don’t let anyone make you feel upset or sad based on what they said about you. If the bullying worsens, inform your teacher or parent so they can intervene. Staying off social media can also help as it is a common platform for hurtful messages. The best practice is to use it only for important matters. If you think anyone else should be aware, you can confide in your school social worker, ensuring they are apprised of your situation. Cyberbullying shouldn’t happen to anybody, so if you witness it, intervene or alert someone nearby. Cyberbullying inflicts significant harm on individuals and can negatively affect their lives. “Remember that the ultimate goal is to protect and restore the victim’s self-respect.”

It’s essential to be cognizant of the warning signs of cyberbullying if it’s happening to your child. You might recognize that something is wrong with your child by observing them or having the intuition that something is amiss. Many of the warning indicators that cyberbullying is happening stem from the child displaying anger or depression. Another signal might be changes in their weight. Ensure you check on your child every single day, even on happy days. You never know what could be happening internally or how they truly feel. Some warning signs of cyberbullying involvement are suicidal thoughts, attempts, and reluctance to go to school. Sometimes, if your child takes their phone out, they might hide the screen or move away from you. Signs of cyberbullying can be noticeable; however, always strive to stay informed about what’s happening with your child, irrespective of the issue at hand. A child who starts to avoid social situations that they previously enjoyed may be a victim. Another telltale sign of cyberbullying is when a child begins to withdraw from everyone, preferring solitude.

Parents can prevent cyberbullying by teaching their children appropriate online behavior and what to say while on social media. Make sure to build trust with your child, and don’t blame them for the cyberbullying. Don’t ever assume that your child is lying to you about anything. Speak to your child regularly and avoid a moody demeanor; they might interpret this as you blaming them for the ongoing problem. If they are being bullied, be supportive and understanding. “Find out how long the bullying has been ongoing and assure that you’ll work together to find a solution.” Parents can also talk to their child’s teacher about the situation. If the bullying escalates and the teachers and social workers fail to step in, that’s when you should approach the school board and explain the situation. Always reassure your child and never let them feel down about the situation. One more way parents can help prevent cyberbullying is by monitoring their child’s social media activity, and never reprimand your child because of the issue. Simply have a calm discussion with your child to understand everything that’s going on, from school to social media. After hearing everything from your child, take it to the school so they can be aware of what’s happening.

There are a lot of ways to combat cyberbullying on social media. One effective method is by surveilling your child’s activity on different websites, ensuring that nothing hurtful is being said about your child. Instruct your child not to respond to harmful comments and to simply ignore them. Another way to prevent bullying is by discussing the issue with school guidance counselors. If the situation worsens, you should involve law enforcement and inform them that all attempts to stop it have failed. When the authorities get involved, emphasize that your child is being bullied both on social media accounts and at school. I believe the best resolution for students being bullied is to refrain from using social media since it tends to escalate there. It is better to stop the bullying off social media because the visibility of the situation can lead the child to feel more depressed. Being placed under the public eye, they often don’t know how to cope. Social media is the main reason why cyberbullying gets out of hand. Such bullying occurs daily on social media simply because certain people don’t like another person. Cyberbullying on social media has to be stopped because it’s causing teenagers to harm themselves, skip school, or resort to doing irrational things. “For example, a spate of suicides linked to the social network occurred in 2013, where users can ask each other questions anonymously.” The last piece of advice I want to impart is for parents to stay vigilant about the websites their children visit. If you’re not vigilant, you’ll never know what your child might be going through.

In conclusion, cyberbullying is prevalent in our society. Victims are categorized by their behavior, and bullies exhibit certain characteristics. This must be stopped. There are ways to prevent cyberbullying as well as methods parents can use to stop the bullying. You can also identify the signs of cyberbullying and learn how to confront and end the bullying on social media. Cyberbullying mainly comes from teenagers in today’s world because it’s a persistent issue. Most teens are on social media and can say just anything they want. However, they do not realize the damage when they say harmful things to others. Cyberbullying is a global problem and no one knows how to end it. I wrote about cyberbullying because I believe we should put a stop to it and stop watching others get bullied. The school board should be informed about the cyberbullying that occurs among their students and take action. In today’s society, people are committing suicide and self-harming because of being bullied. Writing about cyberbullying made me consider the victims and how they must feel. It’s sad to hear people’s stories on the news or social media about the harm caused by bullying. Let’s put an end to bullying and foster harmony among each other.

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