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Intellectual Processing

In general, the article Tricks of the Trade: What Social Workers Can Learn about Female Sex Workers through Dialogue, provided many logical structures, methods, and findings of data of female sex workers. It ranged from street workers, dancers, and escort workers; many of the information was written in the way it was to make clear points and share the perspective of women. The findings include how and why women decided to enter the sex industry, the pros and cons of being a sex worker, and most importantly how they identify in the industry considering the intersections of race and social class in their work. I appreciate the way the material of the article was presented that includes ways social work practice can become more ethically accepting and competent for the controversial topic. Wahab, S. (2004).

Many of the points the author was trying to achieve by conducting the research was placing sex workers in the center of the study to explore the concept and increase the knowledge that sex workers are to be taken seriously. I liked learning that many of the research processes were meaningful and impactful for both the data collectors and the participants, for instance, the sharing of how they struggle to empower themselves when they are viewed as inferior or degraded for the title of their job, so having researches and social workers be their voice uplifts them. I do, however, think that this article has some biased views due to that most of the researches are feminists from different branches such as a liberal or radical feminist. I appreciate the authors giving the sex workers a voice and opportunity to enhance their credibility and authenticity.

Mainly, after I completed reading this article, I felt like the author wanted me to believe that everyone’s life circumstance is different, and even though these women should be respected; sex workers are victims of exploitation, sexism, and discrimination. The author provided the perspective of a woman who had her high school degree, but it wasn’t enough for her to find a job and college was not an option with her family’s income. Additionally, the evaluation of the research was to show that women preferred the prospect for survival, was flexible with hours, and an easy way to make money. I am now aware that many of the women call it service work rather than selling a “sexual” service referring to their bodies.

Emotional Processing

From what I’ve been told growing up, the shows I watched, and how the media portrayed women in the industry, I always viewed it has wrong and labeled these women as “easy.” I’ve always struggled with understanding why these women chose to be part of the sex industry, but as I’ve gotten older and entered college, many of my classmates’ perspectives and my research on the matter, has increasingly made me defend the women who are treated unworthily due to their decision of lifestyle. The author did an excellent job laying done the facts, making me change my beliefs and respect on how I view people who chose a different route to provide for themselves for survival.

In the future, I hope to work with a large group of minorities that exist in my community. Individuals have a different ethnicity, backgrounds, culture, beliefs, and values; so, I want to ensure that I’m not only culturally competent but open to the different lifestyles I will have to work with and not be judgmental.

What I found most exciting about the article was the information gathered from the research. Many subtopics fall under the understanding of sex workers, not only about their life, but their health, the opinion of men, the money, race and social class, and the precautions they take for their job very seriously and professionally.

I was scared when reading the Power and Control section of the article, because I was getting worried if any sex worker had experienced violence, such as rape. As I further read, most are careful, and they are in control but allow the men to think they are in control of the situation. It just goes to show that not anyone can be in the industry; it takes a smart and powerful woman to go through the challenges of the particular field — more power to them.

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