Transport and Pollution

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Air pollution means the presence of chemicals or compounds in the air which are usually not present and which lower the quality of the air or cause detrimental changes to the quality of life(environmental pollution org.)The means of transport are used all over the world by many people, but the damage to the air cause by it is probably one of the causes for our world to be like this, contaminated, polluted, with a global warming that we can not handle, but do we even do something about it ? Do we even really try If we don’t destroy pollution, pollution will destroy us.

Global Perspective

A lot of countries from the world are really contaminated by the abundant pollution that is controlling us. Pakistan is one of the most contaminated and air polluted countries in the world such as Mexico, but why?.The increase of population in those countries is really the most important effect of why these are so polluted.If the population gets bigger the uses of transportation in all methods like airplanes , cars, motorcycle, ships etc. get more uses.

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Also in Mexico the majority of the population is exposed daily to fumes produced by 3.6 million vehicles. This means that many roads throughout Mexico are highly congested every day.In addition, many vehicle owners fill up their vehicles with poor quality fuel. These vehicle fumes coupled with other air pollution sources are responsible for many residents suffering from severe respiratory health problems. A fact that also doesn’t make Mexico gets better is that located on a plateau almost completely enclosed by mountains and volcanoes.Therefore, the circulation of air is highly problematic. The city endures some of the worst smog levels worldwide, as the heavy fumes and emissions become trapped within the mountain belt.The Government has implanted a ‘no circulation’ program that helps to not has as much as congested roads as before.

Adding to this in Japan during the winter,the air pollution in is particularly bad since the polluted air comes not only from industrial and vehicle emissions within Japan, but also from polluted air masses that are derived from China.The government has made some laws to help the prevention of more deaths caused by air pollution, but it has not been easy for Japan.

But not all is bad , for example Finland has the most cleanest air in the world.Finland has such clean air because of strong environmental regulations. The government invests in renewable energy, protects forests and lakes, and promotes the adoption of electric vehicles, so the transportation there could not be that harmful for people and for the environment.

Like Finland, Iceland has great air quality. It has strict policies when it comes to smoking, especially in public places. In 2007, the government banned everyone from smoking in places such as bars and restaurants etc. But also the government has helped Iceland with the traffic problem so it cannot be the essential problem and could not affect really the Iceland community.

National Perspectives

In Colombia every year 15,000 people die because of pollution and every day is getting worse and worse. The transportation is also a really big problem for Colombia’s environment to be polluted as it is right now .Colombia is not that bad and damaged cause of pollution like other countries from all over the world. But of course it has it problems to resolve like all countries.The traffic levels depend of the city , for example Bogota is the the most congested city of Colombia, so that makes us know that is probably the most polluted one.Bogota is the most populated city, so the transport is used a lot. The congestion cause of traffic there causes stress in people, and the contamination from the cars to the environment is really bad such as the diseases of people caused by the smoke of the cars.

The government has made something about it , there are roads specifically for bikes that don’t contaminate the environment at all and the people that don’t have cars or have no resources to buy one use it. This is supposed to make more and more people to change and choose bicycles cause the air Bogota breaths is getting better, professionals are getting surprise with the good result that is giving.Probably one day in every road od Bogota or even Colombia their would be one of those bikes road.It will really help the environment all over Colombia.

Furthermore there are cities that are not really advanced as Bogotá,like Leticia,Amazonas .The transportation and communication in there is really complicated and not advanced.Also the fauna and flora are really abundant, so that helps the air to be more clean, of course for not been so much means of transportation there the pollution is less than in other cities like Bogota.

Personal Perspective

The means of transportation are really harmful for the environment as you can see, I think that if we put from our part and help at least in a minimum way our planet will be in a really good situation.The smoke from the cars affect the environment and the people,for me the means of transportation really affect me. I live near a highway so that means I will always have cars or buses near me. Of course is not that bad as in other places but I also get noise pollution cause of the horns of the cars.In my community the weather wasn’t that damaged as now, the heat didn’t affect the people a it affects now. Mostly in every time of the year the heat is abundant and some of the people get really affected by it.In my school the heat sometimes the affect us cause of the smoke of cars from the outside highway but is just not that, the heat of course increases in a global way. Also sometimes when I’m in my car ad put down the window i can not cause there is a lot of smoke around me.

But, is the government doing about it ? In many of the Colombian cities there are changes that have been done like not using more cars in some sections or the companies there are more environmental restrictions.But I think some people really try to change for good, if we try together we will do what we want.

Possible Scenarios

If the pollution keeps continuing, and we do nothing about it we will have big consequences soon. The human specie is the cause of pollution , but we also are going to be harmed later.According to a report by Organisation for economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), air pollution is the world’s biggest cause of premature deaths and may cause approximately 3.6 million premature deaths per year by 2050. The worst part is most of the deaths will be in India and China.The human will be really affected in a badly way, the health is going to decrease and in the future people will born with medical problems caused because of the environment in where we will be then. Mostly with the people living near the roads because of the smoke caused by cars and other types of transportation.

But the pollution not just affects the humans.Over 100,000 of marine animals die every year from water pollution.The seas and rivers are getting really contaminated daily by industrial run-off, unsanitary sewage deposits or disastrous oil spills. We are affecting other species that are innocent.The marine species will be extinct one day, which means our food pyramid will decrease heavily, mostly for the people leaving near the sea.

The land will also be affected, so that means the other grows of food will be damaged because if the land is not with the best terms to make good crops , our pyramid will be affected again.Also the land will be really exploited until the point there is nothing left to extract, which causes a economic decrease in the factories and more other works.The world in many aspects will be really affected by many ways that will be ended not in the best way to our future.

In my case if pollution doesn’t stops in the future will mostly affect my descendants in their health cause the air is getting really contaminated so it causes many diseases that affect the state of the person. Also the pollution effects will be reflected by the badly quality of water we will have , if we don’t preserve the water is going to disappear and we will die. We are caring about materials that are not essential to the environment heath.

Courses of action

If we find some pollution solutions this environmental crisis will not hit us that hard.

The public transportation would be really helpful for the air , because will reduce the harmful emissions from your vehicles and reduce pollution levels. But If you are working person opt for carpooling with your co-workers that live near your home.

With regular pollution checks the pollution can be controlled in the most affected places and can avoid the clear places to be harmed later. The avoid of smoking is a really important element, more restrictions about smoking in some places should be implemented , because smoking damage the fresh air and not just that, affects the other people health situation.

I think that also if we do all this together at least a little change is going to be noticed, also for more oxygen and fresh air more regulations about deforestation should be done for a better health in the people that are more affected by the air pollution so there can still be clean places, we should also make new machines that aren’t that harmful for the environment like ecological machines for every human uses.


The fact that are many solutions possible and we still don’t do anything about it is really drastic, we don’t really care about the planet we just care about how many uses we can get from the environment. But if we all try together we can make a change, but if we keep ruining or home we will not have one soon.

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The transportation is a really relevant point for why pollution is more abundant. All the means of transportation affect the air in a bad way. But I think if we should start caring more about our planet we can create a technology to benefit our needed daily uses and at the same time that do not really affect the environment that is needed to survive. More ecological things that don’t ruin our air. Because basically when everyone thinks the world is going forward we are really not, we are killing ourself more frequently now.

More than 95% percent of world’s population breathe polluted, dangerous air, we cannot live normally now the preventions of dying are really high and going outside of your house in a future could be mortal. Better ideas to prevent this need to be planned for a better future, everyone has to something for the benefit of the state of the earth.  

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