Therapeutic Relationships in Nursing: Embracing Patient-Centered Care

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Updated: Sep 04, 2023
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We should promote and build a culture of mutual respect by helping and treating others with dignity. Richard Lazarus’s theory of Analysis appraisal identifies emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness, and pride. The aim is to illustrate the capacity of a cognitive-motivational-relational theory to explain and predict emotions. This theory can be applied to collateral violence,” Why nurses eat they’re young.” There are many different names for bullying in the workplace. Some include: “lateral violence, horizontal hostility, aggression, and incivility.

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The Predicament Faced by New Nurses

Unfortunately, the most common victims affected by this bullying happen to be new nurses who have just entered the healthcare scene. Nurses under extreme pressure from their work are more likely to bully other nurses. On the other hand, some of the causes may be personal in nature. Sometimes, senior nurses or managers trying to help can bring on bullying by believing that being hard on the new nurses promotes greater competence and strength. It becomes a sort of initiation in order to analyze if the new nurse is “tough enough to survive.” However, this abandons the theory that “competence comes from confidence.” This abuse leads to less engagement among the staff resulting in higher turnover. Less teamwork is being utilized, as well as lowered morale among the employees, resulting in less commitment to the organization.

Approaching Solutions: Policies and Patient-Centered Nursing

Collateral violence in nursing is caused by many factors. In order to decrease or even abolish this situation, employers and nurses must work together to develop zero-tolerance policies. Once such policies are in place, reporting of these incidences should not be frowned upon, instead investigated and proper punishment carried out. How we are perceived by the patient plays a significant role in how the patient observes the quality of nursing care. Therefore it is imperative we practice what we want our patients and families to experience. How we are perceived by the patient plays a significant role in how the patient observes the quality of nursing care. Brings me to Patient-Centered Nursing Framework (PCN). I believe in order to accomplish PCN. We must respect one another and lead by example.

Understanding the Patient-Centered Nursing Framework

(PCN) is the nursing concept that focuses on the patient and defines the relationship between the nurse and the patient, with a priority on treating people as individuals, respecting their rights, and building trust.Consisting of four main concepts, including person-centered or patients feeling involved in their care; care processes that engage the nurse and client to provide holistic care. It also involved a care-like environment, which included staff relationships, power-sharing, and a “homelike” surrounding. Knowledgeable and communicable staff, assistance, and environmental support stand out as undoubtedly related to patient?perceived nursing care quality. “Prerequisites consist of knowing self, competencies and job commitment.”

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