The Ultimate Guide to Help you Experiment Scientific Method

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Updated: Mar 30, 2023
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How it works

What is life? Every day we are surrounded by biology in our lives, what is happening in our bodies, the environment we are surrounded by, and the way we live going on each and every day. By breaking it down mainly, it’s the earth which is also known as the biosphere, that is breaking down into the ecosystems that later break down into communities, populations, and organisms. It’s important to break things down into smaller sets because you get a better understanding of how life works.

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Energy comes from a lot of different things and places; however, energy from the body is very important. We need energy based on the things we eat that go into our metabolism and give us energy; based on our metabolism, we maintain order, and it’s up to us to eat the right things and gain energy and nutrients that go into our bodies. The way we get ATP, also known as cellular energy, is based on the things we eat, which gives us the amount of energy that is later converted to ATP.

So our metabolism is very important. One such bacteria that don’t have a metabolism is a virus. Viruses don’t need food, and they are not alive. That’s why they don’t have a metabolism. So, for example, when you get sick and when you have the flu, all of your energy is gone because the virus is taking over your metabolism and is mainly creating more flu-like symptoms in your body with the energy you have. So instead of having good energy, you are filled with the negative energy stored inside of you. The energy that many plants, animals, and humans get is from the sun, and the sun is a source of energy that is very important to the world because, without the sun, a lot of things wouldn’t be alive.

There are many characteristics of life. For example, we as humans are heterotrophs which means that we eat either plants or animals. Regulation is another example as far as how our bodies interact with the weather. When it’s really hot, we start to sweat, or when we are cold, we get goosebumps or we shiver. Regulation is how anything reacts to the environment, and it can be anything. Cells are another characteristic; what cells do is that they regulate and they do have metabolism, and what every cell does is that they reproduce, and that is such a big concept. Every cell is not identical. They are all different; a fat cell, for example, stores many different forms of lipids, and the main concept is that structure does equal function. If your task is to communicate, you have to spread your word so, for example, branch out to other cells.

Asexual and Sexual asexual, for example, when you touch your face and your dead skin cells fall off of your skin which later reproduces into newly replaced skin; with asexual, you can also make an individual from many types of different organisms. Sexual is basically the person you are, an egg and a sperm coming together, which will make an individual with its own unique traits of the genetics that their family holds. It takes time for growth and development to occur in every stage. Life is defined by all sorts of characteristics, and with the majority of these characteristics, they all interact with each other. Not every bacteria that we have in our bodies grows or stays. A lot of them die before we even know it.

The Russian Fox Revolution took place on a fox farm located in Siberia in the 1990s. They were filled with wild animals, and it was very hard to control all of them, which made it extremely hard to breed. Dmitry Belyaev was a geneticist that wanted to find a way to see if he could find a way for foxes that he would be able to manage. He started by first mating the foxes with the least amount of temper, and that was calmer, which was decided by putting a gloved hand in the cage, and whoever attacked or bit would not get picked for the experiment as to those who were hesitant or curious would. As he mated the foxes, the babies turned out to have looked different as well as acting normal. Over the course of ten years, the foxes were not afraid of humans and were playful, their ears were floppier, and they were happier. This experiment changed a lot of what they thought of dogs because Belyaev made foxes that looked and behaved like a dog.

What is the Scientific Method? The Scientific Method has two types of Reasoning, inductive Reasoning, and deductive Reasoning. Inductive Reasoning is the main concept of someone who naturally learns, for example, through observations and experiments, to learn the basis of generalization. It is a little too big, and Deductive Reasoning is big too little. Deductive Reasoning is if you haven’t done anything as an experiment, and if someone explains a theory, you are supposed to make predictions based on it and have them come true. So you have to be right about the theory. Both Inductive Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning are used to mainly understand the world we live in.
Science requires data, and when using data, you understand your experiment.

The scientific method has steps in order to get your results. Observation comes first because you can’t answer any questions if you did not observe anything. Then after the observation, you ask the question, and you collect data/ measure the data because without collecting data, you will not know how things work, and your experiment is practically nothing. You then guess the answer to your hypothesis, and you give a prediction and get your answers. You then change your hypothesis and your methods, and you ask yourself if you used the proper methods, the right data, tools, and techniques, and after you do this, you go over it.

Repeating the test and when you show your other piers to go over it and see how they worked with your experiment is the final step. This step is really important because there could be a confounding variable that you have mistaken. A scientific theory is based on a hypothesis that is tested many times, and that is also predicted nor ever absolute. The scientific method has lots of theories and principles. The scientific principle is the theory that has been frequently supported through lifetimes and has been constant.
As scientists, we need to know what we don’t know. We should know the predictabilities as well as the associations and get as close as we can to data. Changing your tools, as well as getting the right measurements in your experiment, is very important. Testing new things out even as we age, for example, in the video that I watched, it’s important to test things out because even at our age, we don’t know what is possibly going to work and what is not.

Kids are naturally born scientists. They are curious and problem-solving as well as they always try to put things back together, which describes what an adult scientist would do. The President of the school Harvard University once said, “If you think education is expensive, you should try the cost of ignorance.” It is true that parents or adults do not realize the meaning is to having curiosity and eagerness for knowledge because they want to be the right ones. With what Tyson said, we should just “let kids be kids.”

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