The Saddest Moment in Life

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Updated: Jul 13, 2021
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The Saddest Moment in Life essay

The road was bladed with ice and the sides were filled with sheer white snows. A fast speeding trailer spun and hit our truck at a cross intersection. All I remember were the broken window glasses flying at me, and the person sat next to me. My life flashed before my eyes during that moment of impact. I lie on the side road covered up with a white blanket. I could not feel my body; my neck was stiffed, and I was all wrapped like a mummy. Sirens were all over, people screaming for helped and all I could see was people running. I felt the demon of death sweep over me, blurring my eyesight I just wanted to see my mom and dad for the last time.

My mind was buzzing. What just happened? Am I dead or alive? Where am I? These were the questions going through my head. I saw cars driving by completely as nothing happened. I tried to yell for help, but my voice was unheard. All I can do has waited for someone to come or waited to die. At that moment I hoped it was just a nightmare. I was afraid to shut my eyes. I continuously prayed that everyone was okay.

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For a split second, I heard my dad’s voice and there was my brother. I feel tears running down my face. I instantly felt a relief. My head was jolted back and forth. Therefore, two ladies in white coats yelling, “do not move you neck, stay still.” I felt a sharp pain in my chest. All I see were bright lights flashing and shadows moving in all directions. The strolling bed stopped, an oxygen tube was placed in my nose. I can feel the breeze inside my nostrils. I tried not to breathe, my eyes lids are stiff, in a second I was unconscious.

The elevator dings, I woke up to see my mother sitting next to me. Holding my hand near her face, I felt the warmth of her hands. I wasn’t quite sure what the day was. I feel the breezy air floating through the room. I looked over to my side and there standing my brother and my brother-in-law. “I must have had a bad dream?” I asked. The two looked at me with tears filled their eyes. I knew then was not a dream.

“Good morning,” I said to my mom as I was trying to sit up. I was wrapped from shoulder to neck with a stiff cuff. My right arm was full of bruises. My left arm has all sorts of IV tubbing. And there comes two persons in white coats.

The man spoke, “Peter, do you know what happened?” I nodded my head slowly. “You were in a serious car accident.” I nodded again. The man says, “you are a very lucky person. Many people would never survive such an accident.” I asked, “what about the others?” The man looked at me than my brother. “The two persons are both hospitalized, one is still unconscious, and the little girl is doing well, and Peter you had a broken collar bone and a bad concussion.” I broke down in tears. My mom held me tight.

Many days had gone by. I realized that this day was the saddest moment in my life. I had slowly regained my strength. The doors swung open, the man in the white coat walked in. Stood beside the bed, he said, “Peter, do you want to go home?” “Home?” I mumble. I could not remember my home, but I was desperately wanted to leave the gloomy hospital. The doctor signed the release form and handed to my mom. As we were driving home, many thoughts had come to my head. That moment was imprinted in my memory till today.  

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