“The Old Man and the Sea”, a Novel

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In “The Old Man And The Sea”, a short novel written by Ernest Hemingway, the main protagonist Santiago, is a well-aged man with odds against him. He is in the mists of a horrendous fishing drought, during which the townspeople laugh and ridicule him, as he is left going eighty-four days without catching fish. Through Santiago’s actions, he demonstrations uniqueness, as the combination of qualities that he exhibits places him in the category of a hero. With courage and pride pushing him forward throughout the novel, even when all hope is profoundly lost, he stands remaining unvanquished. By the end of the novel, the reader see’s Santiago physically destroyed… but mentally, remains undefeated.

Due to Santiago’s misfortune, he eventually becomes the laughing stalk of his small village. The taunts from other fishermen only results in Santiago being quiet, admit on carrying a bad streak of luck, letting the criticism pass him by. For he is confident the fish of his lifetime is coming soon. Considerably, Santiago portrays an honorable man, one that’s self-aware of his flaws as a fisherman, one that avoids conflict as he says, “A man is honest when he acts honestly, he is humble when he acts humbly, he loves when he is loving or being loved.” (Waldmeir 165). Santiago’s dignity ultimately averts him from feeling malice and resentment toward the other fishermen. Through a compassionate patience demeanor, no ill will can be sought as he only puts forth nothing but a positive notion that keeps him driven. Santiago ambitions overweighs aversion as he proceeds to go out to sea in search of the great fish he seeks. He remains devoted with the refusal to accept that his time of glory is past. He continues loving the sea despite facing nothing but hardships and distaste the sea has to spit back.

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Conceivably, the crowning act of humility is when Santiago is eventually lead to endure an extensive and exhausting struggle against a marlin. Obligated, the need to distinguish that by his own forces, he alone lacks the strength to grab the fish, he faces several sharks that go on to attack him in pursuit of his prized fish.

Soon after, he sees his trophy catch become destroyed sharks. This all results with Santiago not becoming conceited. He holds a simple, humble soul thanks with a prayer following the aftermath of his exertion. The ruthless brawl has left the man bloodied and worn.

With Santiago defeating the sharks, he won the battle thinking he is the one that has become defeated as they were able to take the marlin. Yet, there is no defeat.

Through the deep and profound passion that lays within the fisherman Santiago, it is not the ambition to make money or personal gain, but we see throughout his journey, it’s through the ambition to survive this experience to become the winner, to grow from this battle. The battle with his moment in life, not only with the fish. Prestige as a fisherman at his age was going to go down and with that- maybe his self-esteem as well. But the battle that was fought could mean life or death. He goes to show that he is the winner, that he didn’t give up which means that he in fact, wasn’t defeated. He was, he wouldn’t have made it back home. Defeat is when you give up, its not earned through perseverance. If the stories conclusion had to end in that idea, Santiago would have never been able to sleep in his bed with the dreams of lions. Thus far, the harm only enabled the old man to experience a remarkable alteration, and he wrests accomplishment and renewed life from the seeming defeat.

The old man is not self-styled “hero” making him unique. Santiago meekly accounts himself to be a fisherman, the categorization as a hero depends on the reader. “It is the knowledge that a simple man is capable of such decency, dignity, and even heroism, and that his struggle can be seen in heroic terms, that largely distinguishes this book.” (Young 131). The evident association between his humility and dignity helps place Santiago as the perfect role model, someone everyone should aspire to be.

Santiago says, “A man can be destroyed but not defeated. (Page 93)” As he proves this to be a factual statement, the quotes can be stated throughout the novel several times. Santiago is physically destroyed by the end, he remains mentally undefeated. Santiago’s pride, courage, and humility pushes him forward throughout the novel, when everything seems to be gone or so far away that they are unattainable, but he is never truly defeated. Destruction means to completely ruin or spoil, a cause of someone’s ruin. Santiago experienced this destruction, but he did not let the destruction ruin him. As for a hero he deems fit, for a hero is someone that is admired, idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or one that possesses noble qualities.

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