The Main Causes of Divorce

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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The Main Causes of Divorce

This essay will discuss the primary causes of divorce in contemporary society. It will explore factors such as communication breakdown, financial issues, infidelity, and differences in values or goals. The piece will analyze how these factors contribute to marital dissolution and the impact of divorce on families. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Divorce.

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Married with someone is an important decision of everyone life, so most people think carefully before they get married, and they all expect they will have a longevity married. However, some couples could not maintain their relationship after living together anymore, so they get a divorce which is one of the way to solve the problems between wife and husband. There are many reasons lead to couples’ divorce, but in my opinion, there are three main causes of divorce are infidelity, weak communication skill, and unrealistic expectations.

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The first significant cause of divorce is infidelity which is the act of being unfaithful to a wife or husband by having other special relationship. As everyone knows, marriage is a relationship based on faith, belief and feelings for each other. When a spouse betrays this trust, it causes pain and suffering to the other partner. In addition, no one wants to share a wife or husband to another person. It is unacceptable to some people, so they could not forgive to their wife or husband if their spouse cheat on them. Due to the pain and the unacceptable when the partner are not faithful, couples decide to divorce to escape each other. This is why infidelity becomes one of the leading factors cause to divorce.

Another cause of divorce is communication skill. Communication is essential for healthy and lasting relationships, so when couples are lack of communication, it can make them boring and misunderstanding. For example, after more than five years together, my ant and her husband found their marriage on the brink because my ant used of the silent treatment whenever problems arose or whenever she was not satisfied with her husband. She admitted that her poor communication made her husband confuse what she wanted or what she did not want him to do for her, and the distance about feeling between them slowly become bigger. Consequently, they decided to divorce. In contrast, too much arguing is also destroying a marrige. In fact, arguing is a nomal action in the family life because arguing helps to solve the problem, but some people do not think that. They argue with their spouse just because they want to become a winner eventhough their reason do not make any sense. Then their little problems expand to big problems, resulting in divorce. Therefore, either too talkative or too quiet can lead to divorce.

Beside the infidelity and communication skill lead to divorce, the unrealistic expectations to spouses is the third cause of divorce. Men and women both have a lot of expectation from their marriage. Some expectations are important such as the respect, the honesty, or the kindness, but some are unrealistic. For instance, men expect their spouse can keep the nice body shape like the day they first date, or women hope their man have a lot of money to buy them expensive stuffs. However, the reality is not like they expect. Indeed, women after give birth they will have more work to do, so they do not have much time to take care of themselves like before, so they will gain their weight or they are getting older. Man are the same situation, they will have more thing to spend their money such as their children stuffs or their house expenses, so their wife will be no more gotten the luxury gift from them. These expectations can put a lot of strain on the other partners, and leaving the spouse feeling disappointed; as a result, that can ruin the marriage relationship.

No marriage is easy, and to keep the healthy and longevity relationship is even more difficult. I believe that cheating on spouse, having bad communication skill, and expecting too high on spouse are cause to the divorce. Divorce is painful, so people need to think more carefully before they are getting maried, and getting divorce as well. 

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