The Importance of Evaluation in Counseling

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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The essay will explore the critical role of evaluation in counseling, covering various assessment methods and their significance in the therapeutic process. It will discuss how evaluation helps in understanding clients’ needs, tracking progress, and tailoring interventions. The piece will also address the ethical considerations and challenges in counseling evaluation. The aim is to highlight the importance of continuous assessment in providing effective and responsive mental health support. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Cognition.

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My client is a sixteen year old male. He has come to me expressing that he has been having suicidal thoughts. He also reports that he has been self-harming, and that he is gay. He has not come forth with the information to his parents as of now.

It is very important when beginning therapy with a client, that a counselor builds a rapport with the client.This should be done as early as the first session, or the initial interview. The client, in this case, the young male, must feel as though he can trust me. There are many ways to go about building rapport. Knowing that people are more likely to be open with those that are open with them, I would within limits, tell him a little about me and my family. (talk about setting boundaries with client)

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It is also very important to know information about my client’s background such as his religious beliefs, family orientation, cultural beliefs, etc. Knowing this information can help with building a relationship with my client, and also help in understanding the boundaries as far as what is okay, and what is not okay to say during the sessions. Being that my client and I are both African American, it aids in understanding his cultural beliefs. Receiving counseling is taboo in the African American culture. According to…. ( quote the book ) …… Some African Americans believe that you shouldn’t “tell your business to a stranger.” Problems are dealt with within the family. Understanding this first hand, can help me connect with the client, as well as help him to work through any emotions that he may be experiencing about receiving counseling.

Assessments in counseling are extremely important. Assessments allow for a counselor to know where their client is, and they can also help the counselor, and client come up with goals to set throughout the time in therapy. After getting his background information from the initial session, I would ask him to take (NAME OF TEST) personality test. I believe that when beginning counseling, a personality test is extremely important because it allows the counselor to understand what type of personality they are working with so that they are more equipped to help the client. Knowing someone’s personality can give the counselor an ensite as to why a client may behave the way that he/she does. For example…


  • Counseling Theories (Views)

    Techniques that I would use from the Psychoanalysis Theory is interpretation, and analysis of resistance.

    Role Of Counselor:

    As a counselor, I believe consistency in my role in the sessions that I have with my client, is very important. Being consistent can make it easier for my client to trust me, and open up to me. In combining the roles that are usually associated with Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Therapy, I have come to understand my role with my client. My role is to gather information about the client and his family, and make inferences accordingly. My role is to also encourage my client to look at their perception of the world around them, and assist in making changes to any perceptions that are deemed irrational. It is also important for me to assign my client homework so that he can work on the techniques and things discussed in therapy on his own.

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    Termination, or closure, of the therapy should be the last phase of the treatment. Sometimes premature closure could happen when the client or the therapist feels that the sessions are no longer beneficial to the client. The client is then referred to someone else. In this case however, closure is the final phase of the treatment.  (FILL IN) I would check up on client every three to four months for the first year after treatment has been terminated. This is just to make sure that my client is still practicing the techniques he learned in therapy, and that he is still practicing rational, positive thinking. If need be, I would be willing to see the client again, or refer the client to another therapist if his issues return.


    At this point in therapy, my hope is that the client has reached their goals that were stated in the assessment, and initial interview, i.e., if they stated that their goal was to be happy, that by this point we have gone into depth about what they really need in order to obtain that happiness, minimize negative thoughts, get them to practice the techniques when they are in a situation, ect. Another hope is that my client has talked through the fact that he is gay with his parents, and has come to accept who he is.

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