Counseling, Clinical and Forensic Psychology

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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I am empathetic towards others and consistent with going an extra mile to help others. Being empathetic allows me to show clients that I am open to listen their problems and help where I can. I am always willing to help someone in need no matter what. Whether is it just listening to them or assisting in accomplishing a goal, I would go out my way to find resources and supply them with the needs of assisting. Not knowing as much as I should about other cultures hinders me from knowing what direction to go in with the client.

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I would like to keep learning about other cultures and how their social values differ from my own. This would help me in the long run so that I could be flexible in my understanding. I also think that my sensitivity to others could be barrier because I wear my heart on my sleeve. I would not say I become emotionally attach, but because of my caring nature I could “care too much”.

The client population I would have the easiest time counseling would be adolescence and young adults. I find that it is easy to connect with them because most are misunderstood and do not know proper coping skills. In results of having poor coping skills, they lean towards the use of drugs and alcohol. Those who fell off onto that path would need drug counselling. Growing up, I have witnessed what drugs and alcohol could do to tear down a family. I would not want to see a young soul mess up their future because of bad coping skills. If I could reach out to them, I want to be able to put a spark in them that inspires them to do better for themselves.

I think it would be more difficult to consult with the people who are in self-denial. They think that the world is either out to get them or the world revolves around them, when in actuality, there is something going on deep within. Those who are in denial about a situation would continue to deny anything factual resented to them. They also choose when to listen and comprehend what is being said to them. If I do have a client that demonstrate this quality of thinking, I would mention certain keywords that would stand out to them. I would also use reverse psychology depending on how “up in the clouds” they are.

The appropriate dress code for setting in my place of work would be business casual. I do not want the client to feel like they are being interrogated. First impressions are very important when it comes to meeting someone new. Whether it is counseling, clinical or forensic psychology, having the client comfortable enough to speak is one of the goals to go for in session. Business casual attire is not too formal but not too informal either. Depending on the age of the client, I would dress accordingly.

As a counselor, I believe that there should not be any romantic affair between the client and professional. Once involved in a romantic affair with a client, the counselor can become emotionally invested and let the feelings judge what is wrong and right for their client. Counseling is supposed to guide the individual to build up their own thoughts. Additionally, clients could blackmail the counselor because of that emotional relationship to try and get something out of it. There should be a trusting and professional relationship between the two and nothing more.

To prevent myself from burning out in my profession, it is vital to take care of myself. I would debrief with my supervisor or keep a personal journal of to write in. If there is a situation with a client that I do not know how to help, I would consult with my supervisor to get ideas on how to help. However, there is a part that like to take my time when it comes down to problem solving. If I can see the problem at hand, hence writing in the journal, I can decipher at my pace and not stress over it. There would be times where I need time to myself to alleviate stress and tension that accumulated over the week. During this time, I would meditate and realign my chakras to make sure that I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.

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