The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

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Jeanette is the protagonist in the Novel the Glass Castle” ” in her life experiences she learned many life lessons during her childhood. Among them is to be courageous and persevere in life, having a plans in life and self-esteem, and also not to depend on society to take care and provide for us. Jeanette learned to be courageous and persevering.

According to the novel, Jeanette was raised by parents with faults, without anger and poor mentality however despite their condition” ” she loved them during her childhood ages. She was tinged with forgivingness.

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According to the novel the description of her life, during her growing time prepared her to be passionate about hobbies and see the importance of life generally. This character stated perceiving life in a good way because she could see some need of being positive and having hope in life. Jeanette learned to function adult and through this, she was able to survive in such strange childhood and become successful. In addition, Jeanette could learn from her mother’s reactions to her troubles. There is need of giving children the freedom to make their own decisions. As well as protecting them during their growth time. Need for having future plans in life.

This is a very useful life lesson that the protagonist could learn from the life experience is the need for having future plans in life. For instance, the book shows her family is based on poor mentalities. It is painful that although the family used any gifts or incomes improving their lives, they could they used what they had until it runs out, it is not advisable that they could consider bettering their life situation to better their tomorrow. The protagonist learned that it is not we should not put the put burden on the society to care about us if we can be capable.

The novel shows her parents were highly intelligent and able. It is painful that they chose to be homeless” ” they were thinking that the society could care for them they never realized that they made somebody to work for their existence. Another life lesson is that the parents should not treat their children like any other member of the society, theire is a need for thinking about one’s children welfare. It is good to have self-esteem as the protagonist could learn this from her mother, who explained that the girl had problem when it comes to understanding and accepting the reason why her mother wanted to be homeless, it was hard to understand but this made her embarrassed since she could think of how other people could think about this.

The protagonist also learned a life lesson from her parents, on how they made the learning fun and creating the potential in individual and situation. The protagonist life was shaped by her past since it was not a happy life but learned from the what she had experienced during her childhood, she was determined and prepared for her enjoyer her adulthood.

Generally the novel is very recommendable, it has a lot of life lesson, it got me thinking much concerning what is appropriate and significant in life and the way love for the protagonists parents was so strong and they loved her too despite their hardship in life. Jeannette was able to learn from her life experience during the childhood and could apply the lessons to the society and future in her adult age. It does not matter the current situation we are in, if we work hard we can be successful in life and meet our targets and goal in life.

Work cited

Walls, Jeannette.? The glass castle: A memoir. Simon and Schuster, 2017.

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