The Giving Hope Foundation Mission

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Recently, my family and I attended a gala for a nonprofit in New Orleans called Giving Hope which is an organization focused on providing people with the help they need by meeting their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and freedom. The Giving Hope Foundation was started by very close family friends after they experienced severe life changing events that resulted in heartache and grief in which they realized they wanted to take that situation to use it to make a difference in so many people’s lives.

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The goal of this organization is to serve the most vulnerable among us in the community through the Food Pantry of New Orleans, Hope House Orphanages around the world, Giving Hope Retreat partnership with the New Orleans Mission, Hope Against Trafficking and Hope for a Home Adoptions. This gala was held as a way for people to come together to give money to this organization in order to help those suffering everyday in order to raise awareness for many social issues that get lost in the dark on a daily basis. They are dedicated to fulfilling the vision, “Where Love Changes Everything” in which the main goal of Giving Hope focuses on giving people a life that has been taken away from them.

Due to the fact that this organization focuses on many different issues in our society, the first one I want to discuss is their partnership with the Food Pantry. According to the chief director of the food pantry, Betty Thomas, “…in a city known for food, it is a shame that so many people are going hungry everyday.” The Food Pantry of New Orleans is a full service food pantry as well as a hot meal distribution center that feeds all people of New Orleans by being able to serve over sixty thousand people each week. Currently, through their partnering with Giving Hope, the food pantry prepares, delivers, and serves meals five days a week by providing people with free boxes of groceries that go to over 900 homes monthly in order to help families secure meals they are not able to attain on their own. The Food Pantry of New Orleans serves almost 200,000 low-income seniors and over 1.7 million pounds of groceries to low-income families each year. Through the food pantry, they are providing hope to those who are food insecure all throughout our city.

Along with feeding the hungry, another part of Giving Hope’s mission is to shelter the homeless and serve orphans which occurs through the Hope House orphanages. These orphanages provide shelter for children who are at risk all around the world in which they have committed to build one orphanage per year each on different continents. These volunteers have traveled to places such as India and Honduras where these places are often desolate, but they are changing the lives of children that have so much to offer by showing them love and giving them hope for a better life. Hope House Orphanages have been built in India(50 children), Honduras(140 children), Gambia(25 children), Russia(20 children), Brazil(36 children) and the Dominican Republic(20 children). As well as building these orphanages, they also financially assist with special needs adoptions through Hope for a Home by being able to connect children and families together to experience how big of a difference having a family makes in a child’s life. Hope for a Home has helped over fifteen families adopt children through their mission to assist families that want to adopt but are not financially able to in which they are helping to provide them with financial access and emotional support throughout the adoption process.

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