The First Video Games

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Do you play fortnite pubg then you want to know how it all started with video games like pong,space invaders and,pacman.These are the first games ever created and they were also very popular.

Pong was the first game ever created it was created and released in 1972 it was made by Atari and it as immediately popular.The game was simple and fun,the players were lines in the sides of the screen and there is a ball in the middle and it bounces of each other players line (character) the first player to let the ball pass loses one point and the first to 10 points wins.

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The game was such a hit that they had to invent different pongs and this is what they came up with, home pong which is the same thing except you could play it at home how better does it get!

Another really good game is space invaders it was created and released in 1978 by taito.Its a japanese shooting game and it was definitely a hit.The player is a spaceship and there is aliens allin front of you and the player moves side to side while it shoots the space invaders(aliens).The game was perfect but the aliens started of as human soldiers but taito thought they had change that because it would teach players that soothing people was ok so they had to change them into aliens.

One of the most popular game and one of the first ones.On may 22,1980 in japan it was released and it was released in the U.S it was inoctober of the same year.The character is a ball that has a mouth and it tries to eat balls and escape ghosts that chase him while running in a maze and the character can get power up the power lets them eat the ghosts and gives them time to eat more balls but the ghosts come back to life and there is different levels to pass.

These games may look and sound old and simple but they are really fun and without them new cool games like fortnite and pubg well aren’t you grateful of these games.

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