The Eventual Choice

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The Eventual Choice

In most of the daily situations that we undergo, the eminence of pain is an aspect that can’t be assumed. In cases that someone close and dear to you is bound with eminent pain and suffering, one greatly hopes that the health of the individual or status will improve but a pleading in the individuals eye is eminent to aid in relinquishing the pain from him or her.

In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck we are introduced to Lennie and George who are farmers with an aim of realizing their goals of owning their own farm. From the unfolding of events in the novel it is eminent that the theme of murder presents itself where Lennie murders Curley’s wife and in turn George murders Lennie. The paper will explore if killing is a moral and just gesture to indicate compassion for someone that you care for.

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The strong friendship bond between George and Lennie is eminent taking into consideration the length of time they have known each other and how they have grown depending on each other. Throughout the novel Lennie inquiries from George to exclaim to him whether they are going to get a place and whether they would live together. The aspect of friendship is eminent where despite George knowing that Lennie was not in a capacity to get along with others, he was able to put up with him (Taylor, p. 16).

Before they came to Salinas there is the eminence of evidence indicating that they farmed in Weed where Lennie was prone of getting into trouble which is evident when Slim enquires from George what happened in Weed, well that girl rabbits in an’ tells the law she been raped. The guys in Weed start a party out to lynch Lennie. So we sit in a irrigation ditch under water all the rest of that day. An’ at night we scrammed outta there (Steinbeck, p. 42). This resulted them to moving to Salinas with the hope that Lennie learnt from his prior experience but the same instance repeats itself.

There is the eminence of controversy when George kills Lennie which can be considered as an act of betrayal but I concur with the thought since Lennie was despised by the society and his actions of killing Curley’s wife, resulted to the amalgamation of increased vengeance against him. If George did not kill Lennie, the man who discovered the body of Curley would at the long last done it in a cruel and vengeful manner where they claim, I’m gonna get him. I’m going for my shotgunI’ll shoot im in the guts. Come on guys (Steinbeck, p. 96). Another contributing aspect is that he thought that killing an individual is of great benefit than endangering the entire society hence the death of Lennie was for his own benefit.

George was responsible of taking care Lennie based on his promise to Aunt Clara of taking care of him. After the death of Curley’s wife, George was faced with the decision whether to kill Lennie or not. George decided to choose what he considered was the best option for Lennie but nothing can justify the scope of murder. Taking into consideration that at the long end Lennie would be subjected into a cruel some death and the pact that he had with Lennie’s aunt it was the best decision in accordance to George. In most instances in life, we are not given the chance to enjoy a stack of options to choose from and individuals always find various options to choose from the best. Therefore George was well affirmed that even if he did not want to end the life of his best friend, he had to change his decision by executing him by himself where Slim reassures George, Never you mind.

A guy got to sometimes, (Steinbeck, p. 97). In addition to that, Slim and George had a talk of having Lennie jailed but Slim noted, they lock him up an’ strap him down and put him in a cage. That ain’t no good, George (Steinbeck, p. 97), and they agreed death would be better than jail. George did not want to bear the thought of the death of his own friend taking into consideration he had assured protecting him but at the long run Lennie is subjected to death at the hands of George.

Lennie was considered evil based on his actions from Weed to Salinas but it can be argued that he had mental disability. Taking the time span in which they lived it was eminent that there was limited scope of addressing the aspect of mental disability. In conjunction to that being farmers with no farm of their own the amount they made was based for their survival thus they were not in a capacity of providing Lennie the required medical attention and care that he required. Lennie was a nice individual in general but based on his rampant actions that he cannot control he lands on the negative spectrum in the society where he is a danger to everyone that is close to him. He kills Curley’s wife which is strong evidence against him and individuals in the society thought that he might go for another killing spree. This presents the notion that despite trying to present oneself in the most positive manner the skeptic thoughts of the society regarding ones personality from previous occurrences results them to drawing conclusions of what type of an individual one is.

The murder charge against Lennie resulted to him transforming his own life and marked the turn of everything and shifted the chances that were outlaid for him. Despite having shifted the area of settlement based on Lennie’s action there was no indication of change. The eminence of legal obligatory system that would have evaluated, Lennie’s mental status would have greatly aid in establishing the cause thus even if he was charged on account of murder, he would have been offered the required medical attention thus averting the death trajectory. This presents another notion where Steinbeck wanted to criticize the economic system at that time which predestinated some people as failure while others needed to stump on others for them to be successful where Lennie and George situation merges the spectrum.
The death of Lennie acted as a form of relief for both himself and George. Life is a precious aspect but there is the eminence of misery in one’s life journey, hardship and pain.

If George did not kill Lennie they would have kept on running for the rest part of their lives. America’s cultural mythology is greatly aligned to the individualistic approach to life rather than a general scope of life (Holmes, p. 33).George and Lennie are a good example of the dreamers of the American Dream, and also a good example of whose life could be changed if the dream was true for everyone. The dream of prosperity is unfortunately not the reality for everybody (Ahnebrink, p. 21). They were not in the capacity of settling down as they dreamt and the fulfillment of their goals. Lennie as discussed earlier would have been subjected to a crucial death if he was to fall in the hands of Curley. George had a great affection towards Lennie and the option of killing him was an act of selflessness taking into consideration he did not have the desire to kill his best friend. It also presents the instance that if George did not kill Lennie he would have regretted the decision he had made and thus it would be a form of betrayal not only to Lennie but also himself. The action of George was to protect and care for Lennie as promised to Aunt Clara and he did that in the best way.

George killing Lennie might sound horrible taking into considerations the formulated acts addressing the notion of murder in the modern society but it was an action of redemption from a horrible and painful demise. Curley’s rage would have not prompted the spectrum of adherence to the legal obligations but a barbaric death. Therefore the death of Lennie is merciful, a death void of pain and suffering of misery and anguish thus a desirable death. In certain instances, one is obligated to do something that might be subjected as a horrible act but in actuality it is the best decision ever.

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