The Covid-19 Outbreak: Issues for Students that Come with doing Online School

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Updated: Jun 21, 2022
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The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 outbreak, also known as COVID-19, has caused great distress in society as a whole but high schoolers are a group that has been impacted more now than ever. These students haven’t been able to participate in activities, sports, and events causing their social needs to be left unfulfilled. Not only is coronavirus affecting high school students throughout school but also throughout their daily lives. Having to social distance has caused the well-being of teenagers to diminish.

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The educational, social, and emotional health of high schoolers has been influenced negatively due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The COVID-19 outbreak has a devastating impact on the academic health of students. The recent changes towards academics have a lasting impact on students in general, with an even stronger effect on older students such as high schoolers. A big change for students switching fully to doing classes online is the lack of motivation and accountability from peers. There are projections that show substantially lower achievement levels for students that come with doing online school. It’s giving high schoolers more ability to cheat on tests, quizzes, and daily assignments. Therefore creating future problems because the students aren’t actually learning the concept and for future classes, the concepts that should have been learned won’t be and will need to be retaught.

The lack of social interaction for high school students is beginning to look unhealthy due to the 2019-2020 virus outbreak. Yes, a new “normal” has been created but it’s still important for a high schooler to have social interaction. This is the stage where they really depend on their peers, and the lack of ability to be around peers can cause them to feel distressed. There may be ways to talk to friends and peers through technology, but it does not have the same impact as face to face interactions would. Being stuck in quarantine and not really having much social life also creates depression and anxiety in these young adults. Sometimes the families with a child in high school might think they are overreacting but in reality, it has impacted the high school student’s social life drastically.

At many high schools, students are given emotional support from counselors, therapists, and sometimes even teachers. Being in lockdown has taken this support away. The life students have outside of school is usually unknown by many people other than the counselors and therapists. There are also students who have mentally and physically abusive members of their family. These students would then go to school and have a break from being in that environment all day. Without a safe place to escape to and having to be in that place could permanently harm the child.

Overall, the change in society has hit the high school student’s educational, social, and emotional health negatively. The academic sucess of this group of the society may be affected in the future even after the outbreak is over. Not only that, but with the social health of high schoolers throughout this has dimished. The teens of hide a lot of their thoughts and emotions on this causing even more issues like depression or anxiety. The emotional impact may also never be forgotten by these young adults. Right now we can see that with this virus the negative effects on high school students is impacting them now, but what about the future?

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