The Columbian Exchange and Global Trade

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Columbian Exchange also had negative impacts on Afro-Eurasia. The increase in silver circulation that occured because of Columbian Exchange led to massive inflation, which affected the exchange of all crops as their value was based on silver. For example, the more precious Spanish galleons that flowed into China due to large European demand for Chinese goods, the more its value dropped, which had detrimental impacts on the Chinese regime and the Spanish economy (Grolle). Inflation caused Spain to lose its control over Atlantic Trade and the fall of the Ming Dynasty (Flynn 202-203).

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Greater wealth of businesses and merchants led to increased inflation as well and also set the foundation for modern European imperialism. Through the Columbian Exchange, the massive amounts of wealth made Europeans so powerful that they were able to take control of other nations later on, which was neither beneficial for Africa or Asia.

For example, the Columbian Exchange led to the increased wealth of England and commercial success, which allowed it to establish the British-East India Company and made it so powerful that it was able to take over India in the 19th century. The introduction of tobacco from the Americas increased smoking and caused many people to develop lung cancer in Afro-Eurasia (Nunn 176). The Columbian Exchange, although it allowed the exchange of quinine, the first effective treatment to Malaria, had taken a such a toll on the health of Eurasia through the tobacco trade (Nunn 176). Also, the African Slave Trade that occurred in the Columbian Exchange harmed Africa, since eventually, the desire for slaves led to so many slaves being taken that African Empires began to decline (Grolle). Even when Kingdoms began denying Slaves, the Europeans took them forcefully. Although there was more of a positive impact on Europe by the Columbian Exchange, the impact on Asia and Africa wasn’t as positive due to African Slavery and increased power of Europe.

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