The Characters who Faced Adversity and Took Control of their Future from the Hunger Games

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Updated: Dec 16, 2022
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Jamais Cascio when said, “Durability is everything about able to get rid of the unanticipated. Sustainability has to do with survival. The objective of durability is to grow.” As an individual, you have the option on how you respond to unanticipated problems, and also just how you react and also intend your next step will identify your end result as well as your future. Some people crumble for making a wrong step and stop working at the same time, however some make a wise step and flourish and generally maintain making wiser decisions as the development. There are remarkably terrific characters that dealt with hardship and took control of their future. These characters would be Minerva, in Julia Alvarez’s novel, “In Time Of The Butterflies, Katniss, in Suzanne Collins novel, “The Appetite Gamings”, and also Montag, in Ray Bradbury’s unique “Fahrenheit 451”.

Minerva is a solid individual who encountered difficulty and after that took control of her life. Minerva demonstrates how resilient she remains in numerous parts of her story. She as soon as claimed, “We can not surrender” (Alvarez 269). Following with her previous statement, she then claimed, “Hardship was like a key in the lock for me” (Alvarez 269). Minerva is describing just how challenges in her path aids her open her inner-strength, which makes her figured out, brave, and a challenging opponent to tackle on. Minerva is the kind of individual who likes to do the job despite just how negative the roadway is. Minerva has faced trouble and also she stated, “I’m not gon na going to run scared” (Alvarez 193). This quote reveals that she is established and also brave to complete her objective, She isn’t terrified to tackle daunting challenges that could quit her. Hardship will certainly not quit this endure individual who is trying to achieve her objective. Hardship makes Minerva right into a more stronger, durable person, which why she can handle adversity and then takes control of her life.

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Katniss is an additional individual who faced misfortune and after that took control of her life. When the only distributor in Katniss’s household dies, which would certainly be her papa, as well as a mommy who remains in a deep clinical depression that she can not support her own kids, who could step up? Katniss, the older brother or sister withstands save her family.Katniss once claimed, “At eleven years of ages, with Prim simply also, I took over as head of the household” (Collins 61, e-book) Because of this for Katniss that becomes the head of the family members, with the survival and also searching skills that her dad instructed her prior to he passed away, she starts mosting likely to the forbidden borders of area 12, she pursues pets to keep her family members active, and also comes to be into a difficult, unsentimental woman.

Living in the districts under the control of the Capitol, you need to be strong, ruthless to endure, and being nice as well as mild is a negative aspect. Somebody might possibly capitalize on you and also do his/her bidding. In a part of Component I in the novel, she shows that she sacrifices attachments to others in order to protect herself, except Prim, shes an exception. In order for Katniss to survive, she has actually adjusted to be unsentimental. When she goes searching to gather food for her household, she can not think twice to kill a pet that is possibly helpful food for the family, otherwise her family members deprives to fatality. Katniss adapted to her atmosphere and got rid of hardship to maintain her as well as her family members active, which why Katniss is a solid individual that dealt with difficulty and also took control of her household.

And lastly, Montag is the last strong individual who faced adversity and afterwards took control of his life. After Montag meets Clarisse, an unusual teenage girl in this story’s world, his eyes open up to a globe he had forgotten. She asks Montag one fascinating question in one factor of this story. She states, “Are you pleased”? Montag after that responds, “Am I what? he wept … Certainly I’m happy. After that later on in the novel, he says, “He was not happy, he was not delighted. He said the words to himself” (Bradbury 28-34 e-book). Montag begins to think about other things she has mentioned and decides to welcome a brand-new pathway to self exploration instead of living a meaningless, repressed presence in a culture that expects no asking concerns, let alone important ones.

Montag after that starts to make use of books, a prohibited thing in this country where its prohibited to maintain and also utilize. Instead of hiding publications where its safe from being discovered from one more individual, Montag discloses his books to Millies, her spouses friends. The narrator after that claimed, “But Montag was gone and back in a moment with a book in his hands.” Millie after that tells on Betty, the principal of the fire department, the ones in charge of melting residences with books in them, as well as Montags employer. Then the firefighters gets here before Montag’s home as well as begins melting it. Montag after that eliminates Beatty with his weapon. Montag does not pull back when a person destroys what he loves. He has the guts to deal with Beatty and also kill him. Montag will not obtain pushed around like a ragdoll when what he believes is right, is being destroyed. And thats why Montag is another character who deals with on adversity and grows when challenging and also conquering it.

In conclusion, these 3 solid individuals faced numerous challenges, and also they tackled them and also conquer it. They prosper by beating these obstacles that blocks them from their goal. In general, these are 3 special personalities are the most effective at encountering difficulty and afterwards took control of their future.

The Characters who Faced Adversity and Took Control of their Future from the Hunger Games essay

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