The Blind Side: Biographical Sports Drama

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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Michael Oher from the movie the Blind Side is a very interesting and fantastic character (Montez de Oca, 2012). Quinton Aaron is the lead star as Michael Oher in this great movie. The particular film is considered to be a 2009 American sports drama film. It is constructed on the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game (Wilson, 2014). This precise book is by Michael Lewis. The protagonist is considered to be a seventeen-year-old high school football participant. His nickname is “Big Mike’ around his community and on the field. This particular film was broadcasted and revealed via an American entertainment corporation well acknowledged as Warner Bro’s. Michael Oher is considered to be the protagonist in addition to the supporter of this particular movie. He is the star and hero of this particular movie, and it is very obvious. He is considered to be a homeless and troubled African American young boy (Montez de Oca, 2012). He developed into a very healthy, intelligent, and noticeable individual.

Michael grew up in a very violent and passionate neighborhood without any of his parents to support him through his childhood. He grew up in an extremely hostile environment without any meaningful adults until he turned the age of sixteen. He grew up without a mother or a father, and his neighborhood consisted of alcohol, crack, and drugs. He was very lucky to not get involved with these types of incidents or accidents, but he could not avoid witnessing them (Montez de Oca, 2012). Many individuals do not make it out of gangs or street fights in these certain neighborhoods, because it involves violence, terror, and addiction. The particular word degeneration would express how individuals regress and how their children will be (Shiraev, 2016). There are many incidents in public schools in Georgia, particularly in Atlanta, in which individuals pass away based on these types of incidents.

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The character in this movie struggled academically and on the football field. He did not know if he was going to make it into college, especially if he did not get a top scholarship. College is very expensive, and he had very little hope without a loving community and family. The coaches and school made sure that he fulfilled his dreams and desires. According to the film, he had to earn at least a 2.5 grade point average to make it into one of the big colleges in his hometown, and this situation is without a doubt based on a real-life example. If you have a prominent GPA, the more conscientious you are (Crawford, Cohen, Johnson, Sneed, & Brook, 2004). It is also means you are much more disciplined and educated. The average levels of openness to experience increase during adolescence and then gradually decline by midlife and across the life-span. Also, this particular personality of Michael Oher consists of sweet, shy, and gentle traits. He loves to play football, and he is amazing on the field and between the white lines. He is a very large and physically striking black youth. A family embraces him with Leigh Anne Tuohy, and he was in many foster homes in Memphis, Tennessee (Wilson, 2014). This consists of love, care, and hope. He is very responsible, courageous, and hardworking. He begins the movie as a scared individual without any self-confidence and power. He does not believe in himself or his motives.

Early stages of individual development should influence later ones (Shiraev, 2016). As the movie progressed, he developed excellent social and communication skills, determination, and confidence. Michael does not know how to express his emotions or desires, but he uses sensing and feeling traits in certain situations. He is highly concerned in the NFL. This will allow him to payback his family along with the community that supported his desires throughout his life. He engaged in football for the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers. He was a first-round pick and a super bowl champion. They won Super Bowl XLVII in addition to knocking off the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. There are many aspects of him shown in the developmental domain of psychology. This individual’s life is characterized by many distinct developmental stages. This includes physical, psychological, behavioral, and social (Shiraev, 2016). The stages of development include infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Nature and nurture play a role in the development of this particular character (Shiraev, 2016). This is fully based particularly on genetic and learned characteristics. The premature stages of independent development should influence later ones, but it should not enhance others (Shiraev, 2016). Michael Oher is recognized to be introverted. This means to be interested in one’s own self and desires. It is more desired to internal intentions and not the external environment.            

Finally, there are eight stages of the developmental domain according to Erikson in 1950 (Crawford et al., 2004). Erikson assumed the people should have choices in terms of their identity or beliefs. The quality of life is essential. It includes the type of living conditions, education, violence and health care (Shireav, 2016). In this particular movie, Michael Oher had to accept a distinct social status, profession, or place to live. His profession consisted of football, and he lived at many foster homes during his childhood. They displayed love, care, and support for him. He was also homeless, and people have few choices and little contexts in their habits. He had few choices to know where he was going to live or the habit he was going to grow up in. In this scenario, he did not have effortless transition, and he had many difficulties in his life. He did not like the performance of football at first, but the mother who adopted him was very hard on him. He matured into a higher conduct, and he earned many scholarships during his life. This includes the emerging adulthood of his developmental stages (Crawford, et al., 2004). Michael Oher enrolled throughout human learning and observational learning throughout his life and while playing football. He consisted of academic achievement, approval, and recognition. This consists of acknowledgement and recollection.

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According to the stages of development puberty/adulthood, individuals are capable of making their personal desires and dreams into realities (Shiraev, 2016). Individuals need to have enough courage and dedication to make their dreams become a reality. This adheres to graduating from high school, college, and earning a degree. It also adheres of finding a job and making a salary high enough in which a person can support themselves throughout their life and help other people. This character includes conflicting needs and provocations in the environment or setting. In disposition to mature as a prosperity in the classroom and football field, this particular competitor had to switch from feeling hopelessness to hopeful. He had to settle to the many different stressful environments that he acknowledged while engaging in football (Montez de Oca, 2012). He had many confrontations in this film, and this involved making it into college, and maintaining his dreams on the football field. This theory reposed of social factors, counseling, in addition to hygiene. He changed the social world and behavior around him (Wilson, 2014).

Personal Hygiene is very necessary for young adults and their habitudes. Good immediate hygiene inheres of clean clothes, the body, and germs out of your body or system. Filthy and grubby clothes should never be worn over again, and it is necessary to be a professionalized person. It consists of excellence, duty, and honor. This inheres of grocery stores, perfumes, toothbrushes, and clothing accessories. There are many legal applications and therapies that assist these types of individuals who proceed from foster homes to get back on the right footsteps in addition to developing into young and maturing adults.

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