The Apparel Industry in the U.S.

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Political Factors

Gap as a company working around many countries at an international level it is considered a multinational corporation. Unfortunately, in the U.S it is included in the list of multinational corporations to speak out against Trump’s government and pro-business plan. Gap believes that investing in a low carbon economy will help to create a better and healthier environment and will help to unlock a new business growth for the U.S around the world. (The Guardian, 2017)

Every company in the world needs government support to survive.

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The apparel industry in the United States is hard, especially with government pressure. Is not new for all business industries in the U.S that with new government (Trump´s) things have changed, and statistics show how hard they have been with people against their ideas and plans. It is vital for a company success to count on government support to be able to succeed especially when referred to taxes and operation regulations. Because of what is mentioned earlier, Gap´s nonsupport to government pro-economic plan may result in pressure from the government on the company administration, since is a way of the government of taking an authoritarian approach about the companies against it. (Robin, 2017)

Taking on count pressure that governments are placing on the company and all the companies enlisted against governments ideals, to survive in the industry the companies have been forced to move their facilities and production out of the country, especially South East Asia, where they feel more support and less pressure, this is bad since at the end is taking away that money from the U.S and closing employment opportunities for Americans, making it harder for newly born companies to survive since most of them not have the economic ability to move production out of America.

Economic Factors

The apparel industry in the U.S is a growing industry since years ago it has been one of the most powerful industries in America. Even though the economy have had its ups and downs around the world, Gap has been recognized by reports that the firm’s execution has resisted the economic trends this last 2 years. (WSJ, 2017)

Socio-Cultural Factors

Apparel industry regarding marketing is a delicate topic nowadays since people are more conscious of sexist and well-shaped woman’s campaigns transmitting not the best image to the audience and Gap have not been extent of that.

On 2016, Gap had an issue in regards a sexist campaign, the campaign featured a boy and a girl with different labels promoting equal rights between females and males, but even though the message was positive, the audience perceived it a different way causing controversy among consumers.

In the end, the audience really cares about what the company supports, what causes they help. Audience pay attention and what to feel identified to the causes and foundations the company benefits. Nowadays Gap supports pride movement and maintains strong support for the LGBT community, donating a 30% of profits from specific cloth pieces, assuring that consumers feel happy and identified with it, making it a brand sales strategy. (Hemmingham, 2017)

Technological Factors

Technology in the last five years has evolved in a very fast way, giving so many benefits for consumers to make their life easier and better. The industry has been benefitting a lot by the augmented reality, investing in the use of online fashion applications where the consumer can have an idea of how cloth will look on them, this preview will support the purchase decision. (Lieber, 2017)

There are many other functions that technology must support the industry, mobile checkouts, and mobile apps, making the purchase easier for the consumer.

Environmental Factors

With the last environmental movements in the last 5 years, because the alarming damages humanity has done to the planet, the apparel industry has been forced to adapt their practices in a way they don’t damage the environment. Gap has been involved in some protests in regards their Bangladesh factory, where they affected by low wage protests which really affect the image of Gap.

At the end environment and wages topics is an important topic that companies of the industry can´t ignore. It is important to consider how it affects the brand not to attach to environment support and many other environmental topics since the consumer now at the time of buying does care if the company attach to environmental movements. (Sattar, 2017)

Legal Factors

In America, the apparel industry must comply with several international standards regarding legal and ethical obligations, including equal payment agreements and many other topics in regard to job equality. So, it is important to consider as transparent as possible to make sure to comply with all legal standards to maintain the company in good legal status in America.

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