The Allied Powers in World War II

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Updated: Mar 17, 2019
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The Allied Powers in World War II essay

The Allies defeated the Axis in World War II. The Axis were defeated because of various reasons. I believe the Axis lost the war because they were inexperienced and their actions throughout the war were not very smart.

The Axis powers simply did not have enough supplies to compete with their enemy. The Allied forces have various supplies that gave them an advantage, things like rubber, cotton, nickel, and even oil.

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The Allied forces were involved with a lot of past wars and battles. With all of these battles they gained a lot of experiences and learned from them. This was a big advantage because they could take over their enemy with strategies they know will work because of past experiences.

The Allied powers had a very large amount of resources. These resources allowed them an advantage over the Axis. The Allied also had technology on their side. They had tanks and aircrafts that would demolish their enemy. This type of technology killed a vast amount of men in a short period of time. So throughout the war the amount of men on each side of the war made a big impact on the outcome.
The Axis wasn’t very strategic. They were not educated on the technology side and spend their time worrying about battleships, when the enemy had aircrafts. They did not plan out the battles very well. They were fights various battles at the same time and were losing men fast. They did not have enough men to survive all this wars with different enemies at once. They should of gave themselves time between battles for their wounded men to recover.

The Axis lost the war because of their lack of awareness. They made some pretty strategic errors that they could not come back from in the middle of the war. Those errors caused them to lost a large amount of men and made it easy for their opponent to overcome them. They also did not have supplies or advanced enough technology to hang with the Allied forces.

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