Teenage Pregnancy is a Major Concern in Today’s Society

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Updated: Jun 11, 2019
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According to cda.org, in 2013, a total of 273,105 babies were born to women that were in between the ages of 15-19 years old. Teenage pregnancy is a major concern in today’s society. This paper will talk about teenage pregnancy, statistics, ways to prevent teenage pregnancy, and after birth options. So why is teenage pregnancy so important? Some people are concerned about teens getting pregnant at such an early age. There are other people that do not pay much attention to it because it does not involve them. But what are people really saying about teenage pregnancy? According to guardianlv.com, it is time to approach teenage pregnancy differently. People believe that in your teenage years, that is when the body is the most youthful. A person’s teenage years are when the body is able to get back into shape a lot faster. The difference between today’s generations and older generations is that we do not carry on the same tradition of the grandparents claiming their grandchildren. Usually in older generations, the youth would be the ones to have the babies, and the older people would raise them and take care of them.

Beyond having a baby going back to high school or attending college is most girls’ number one concerns. The majority of teenage girls will not go back to school after they have found out there pregnant or have all ready had the baby. Teenagers also start to have anxiety after having the baby and trying to juggle school, work and taking care of the baby. (“SUN-SENTINEL”). Having an education didn’t affect just the parents but also the children not just now but later on in the child’s lifetime. Also children with teen mothers do worse in school than parents that are older in age. Teenagers that have baby is high school or college there children are 50 percent more likely to repeat a grade (“Teen pregnancy”). More and more school has considered that young girls that are pregnant and going to school that they can get a 4 week maternity leave (“The New York Times Company”). Among young college students, 57% of women stated that they become pregnant 3 days later from being intoxicated (“The New York Times Company”). Teenagers that have baby is high school or college there children are 50 percent more likely to repeat a grade (“Teen pregnancy”). There are more than 700,000 teen pregnancies each more than half of them are in high school or just started college (“Teen Pregnancy”). The daughter or sons of the young mother are 3 times more likely to become a teen mom themselves in high school (“Teen Pregnancy”). Including that teen pregnancy affects everything in life and school, teens with high levels of exposure to the media glamorized the life with the baby and having a family.

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Furthermore teens with high levels of exposure to TV, and society are more likely to become pregnant in their teenage years. (“AllAfrica Global Media”). Above all, MTV has exaggerated the life of teen parents. Shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” have taken the reality of teen pregnancy to a small screen and make it look ok to be pregnant when you 16. Likewise critics argue reality TV shows embellished teen parenthood, but some teen advocates say the programs show it how it really is . On the contrary, stop blaming kids and TV for teen pregnancy. The media constantly accuses TV, Music and the internet for teen pregnancy but what people don’t look at is the other side with it which is their parents (“AllAfrica Global Media”). Movies make kids want to have kids cause of the way they act and it makes it look like having a baby is enjoyable and cool (“AllAfrica Global Media”). One thing that the media doesn’t show is especially the drastic change to the young women’s body image after having a baby and the harsh weight gain.

Several researches don’t focus on a lot of teen girl’s body images they look at how young they are. A young teen girl’s body is very important to them when their growing up. Numerous young women ask questions like am I fat? Should I not eat today because I am feeling fat? And are people going to notice my weight gain? Pregnancy is a massive impact on a girl’s body image especially at a young age. The Reason that mother’s body is physically immature as compared to a fully developed women (“Cengage Company”). Despite these significant body changes surprisingly little research has focused on the women’s body image during pregnancy (“Pediatric Annals”). When young women get pregnant they typically try not to go out of the house little as possible because of their body image when they become pregnant (“Pediatric Annals”). How you tolerate your body changes when your pregnant has a lot to do with how secure you were with your body before you became pregnant (“Cengage Company”). Nearly 1 out of 4 girls don’t even want there best friend to see them when they are pregnant. Pregnancy is a big deal is people’s lives not just in the women about to have a baby life but also the parents she is living width’s life it changes everyone’s around you. The majority of girl’s that get pregnant will get stretch marks on their stomach, thighs, and sometimes legs. The reason they get stretch marks is because their body is still growing now and they are not an adult and there body just does not go back to normal. All theses factors on pregnancy can make a drastic impact on the pregnancy experience to the mother father and baby (“Pediatric Annals”).

Several teenagers have no idea what they are getting themselves into having a baby, it’s astounding how much girls do not want to go to work and school to support that baby or even try to find a job to support the baby. Perhaps their parents do not give them the attention to them that they need at home or that maybe the girl and her spouse are having relationship issues that she thinks it will all solve over if she gets pregnant, but in fact it will not end well. The boy will not stay just because of the baby and it’s harder on the women to be able to have a baby on their own and not having the support that they should have. Babies are cute but there a lot of responsibility and the take a lot of time and money a baby cost about 200,000 dollars till there 18 maybe even more. The fact that our teenage pregnancy rate is so high is very sad Teenagers sometimes fill the need to get pregnant because there feeling depressed. All these factors can make a drastic impact on the pregnancy experience and on the mother the family and the baby (“Cengage Company”)

In conclusion teenage pregnancy has a lot of negative effects on the teenage body and to her life. Having a baby when you still are in high school is not fun, which TV makes it out to be a fun time and look like having a baby is the best thing in your life but having a baby right in your life times is not a good time to have a baby. Young women need to think of their actions they are doing before the pay the consequences after it’s all said and done. Your body is physical not ready to have baby till you are at least 25 years old and having a child makes you at a risk yourself because you are still growing and still developing yourself as that baby grows inside you, and you putting yourself in that predicament that your should not be in at the age kids and having kids. Each year in the United States between 800,000 and 900,000 adolescents, aged 19 or younger, become pregnant and over one half of these pregnancies end a live birth (“Pediatric Annals”).

After all girls and boys need to be a lot smarter about what they are doing before they make a mistake you are too young to make those decisions now. All and all parents need to educate their kids when they turn 13 or 14 because you should need to know what these decisions are and what the consequences are having a baby. In conclusion teenage pregnancy effect more than you it affects everyone around you and it has a negative and a positive conclusion to it.

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