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Updated: Jul 07, 2019
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Ted Talk Videos essay

One of the Ted Talk videos that I found interesting was about Happiness’ which was lectured by Matthieu Ricard who is a Buddhist monk, author, translator, photographer, and a molecular biologist in Pasteur Institute (Matthieu Ricard). Even though Ricard had a Ph.D. degree in cell genetics, he was always intrigued by meditation and the spiritual world. To know more about life and happiness, he traveled to the Himalayas far from his home country and is living there for the past forty-five years. During the Ted Talk, Ricard talked about The habits of happiness on which different people have a different view about on it.

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While in his speech, he talked about the French academics who think that happiness is not fascinating at all. Human beings do not care about happiness until it is ceased for a while which is true. People can practice the habit of happiness by practicing meditation which is basically about mind training. The way he explained about happiness and meditation is right, on which I do agree too. If we practice the habit of mind training then definitely we will get happiness in the trivial things as well, which will out hale all the negative emotions within us. The foremost thing is that our inner structure must be good so that it will influence our outer structure as well. The correlation between happiness and meditation makes our lives even more joyful. Although, everyone has their own definition regarding happiness which might differ according to their term.

Life is never easy. The human being must go through ups and downs which teaches the valuable lesson of happiness. People will never know the meaning of happiness until it is ceased which is a reality in today’s world. Happiness is such a vague word which might differ from East to West. Some might say happiness is the present moment, and other might say happiness is the future. Each person has his/her own definition. Even Richard has talked about happiness from his perspective. In The habits of happiness, Matthieu Ricard believes that happiness is a deep sense of serenity and fulfillment (00:05:20). The human being has a various way of craving happiness. People might find happiness in other sorrows which is a wicked one. Happiness is not about pleasure only. If people start taking happiness as a pleasure; then, in the long run, they will not get satisfaction with the present as they used to do in the past. Ricard has given a sweet and simple example in his speech about the beautiful chocolate cake.

People might enjoy the first portion but later as they consume, the satisfaction will decrease. Therefore, happiness is all about mind training which can make our life full of prosperity and wellbeing. Mind training is mainly about the two reverse mental factors which cannot occur at the same moment (Ricard 00:12:01). For instance, people can love someone but cannot hate at the same time. People cannot hate and love at the same time. But, it can change from love to hate. If people are attracted to something, then they will go to the same object again and again which is a self-perpetuating process (Ricard 00:13:06). The only way we can get rid of the obsession is by observing inner rather than looking outer. That is how people can analyze the obsession, and the more practice they do, better they will feel and even if any negative signs cross the mind then it will fly like a bird crossing the sky without leaving any marks. Meditation will introduce human being in a hasty way of life which will teach human beings to cope more with the reality of consciousness.

The human being has a habit of craving more and more, but they forget about happiness which is the most important thing in life. Craving for something is good but if we start craving out of the boundary then it will be a problem. Human beings are ready to be on top and are ready to make their life full of high-tech. When the Dalai Lama was in Portugal, he said that even if you build high tech flat but if you are unhappy within then you are going to look for the window to jump (Ricard 00:07:01). The Dalai Lama is right at this point because how much human being go high in technology but if they are unhappy from the inside then nothing matters. The only thing that matters is the happiness which can be found in simple things.

There are various aspects that govern our happiness. But, among them is inner conditions as well. If the pillar is strong then even wind or anything cannot affect the structure of the building. Just like that if our inner conditions are strong then it will influence our outer condition as well which will undermine happiness. Human life is uncertain at any point in life. Not only me, but all the Nepalese people felt the massive earthquake almost three years back. Our houses were destroyed by the earthquake. We had nothing to eat, and the recurrence of the aftershock made our life so hard that we thought we might die at any point because our home was already destructed, and the tall building could fall at any point or any time. Even in those hard days, all the family members were calm and happy. It is not because that the earthquake did not matter but the reason was, all the family members were gathered in the same place which gave the sense of emotional support to everybody. Even in those darkest days, we were happy from the inside. Nothing more mattered than the happiness of being together. The inner pillar of emotions was so strong that even the hardest time flew like a bird although it left few traces of it. So, in my perspective happiness can be found at any smallest point of life and to keep up with happiness inner structure plays the vital role in human beings.

To know the real meaning of happiness one has to know the states of mind that are helpful for prosperous well-being. Greeks called it Eudaimonia (Ricard 00:09:28). It simply means having a good indigenous soul but it is hard to find a good spirit in today’s era. Every living being has jealousy, hatred, anger, and other self-destructing feelings which will never make the person the same when they practiced it. I always get attracted to the lifestyle of celebrities, and I wish the same with my lifestyle as they do, which does increase jealousy level within me. All I see is their lifestyle, but I have no idea about their hard work which helped them to get on top. Feeling jealous of someone only gives the worst feeling which does make depressed which I have also witnessed in my life. So, the self-destructing feeling does make people sense dejected and distressed.

But, the act of selfless kindness makes us feel good even though the person who is getting help have no idea of who is helping him/her. Recognition is nothing but the sense after helping someone is a sense of equilibrium with our profound nature. Behind every thought there is the bare consciousness but pure awareness. The idea of helping someone without expecting the help back gives so much satisfaction. One of the former students of OCCC from Nepal who died in a swimming pool was having trouble with money to send the dead body backed in the home country.

It is really hard for any family to aid for the dead body from the different continent to the home country. So, there was a Nepali Community online who were collecting money on behalf of his family. I also donated money according to my finance even though the family of late Nepali student will never know who helped them. It did give me a satisfaction of helping someone in need. Money donated by individuals helped his family in so many ways. I know the feeling of losing someone in the family give so many depressed emotions but not able to see them for the last time is worst. But, all the little things done by individuals like us at least gave his family a chance to see him for the last time. The act of selfless boosts the happiness within us.

A lot of human beings has a misconception about happiness. For some people, happiness means having everything in life. People might feel happy when all the needed things are around them, but it is not the reality of life. At some point, our situation might get worst, or we might get bankrupt. There are much possible up and downs in life, so we cannot find happiness in those situations that is why everything’ is a destructive word. The word Everything’ is the illusion.

Our preferences do change as the year pass, so we have to have a practice of happiness in a little thing as well. I used to think that if I get this and that then I will be happy but that was not true. I got my Samsung S8 notebook a year back. When I got my new notebook, I was so happy that no one could imagine. At that time, I was thinking that getting a new notebook will give me happiness but, as the time takes its course that happiness started decreasing. Even today I have that notebook but it does not provide me that much of happiness and satisfaction as it used to do in the past. So, now I have realized that happiness of getting something is temporary which is based on outer condition, but happiness generated within the heart from inner qualities gives so much satisfaction and happiness which last longer. Having everything in life is temporary but having a sense of satisfaction even in the little things is the continuous process which will make our life more pleasing and wonderful.

The world is full of mind with a different attitude, who has their own way of seeing and perceiving things. The belief of people might overlap, but it does make a difference when it comes to attitude towards it. Happiness is such a vague word that anybody can make their own definition. People are living the twenty-first century’s life with all the high level of technology, but they are forgetting that the high-tech world is not going to give the happiness they are searching for. It might give them happiness for the short run but in the long run, it will not be that way. So, the root of happiness does rely on mind training. Mind training is what we need to make our life prosperous. People can train their mind with the help of meditation which will familiarize human beings with a new way of existence, new way of noticing things and independence. Mind training is not an accompanying vitamin for the soul, but it is something that will determine the quality of a human being’s life.

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