Technology and Behavior Anaylisis

In this article, technology is defined as the use of scientific knowledge and applying is for other purposes and today psychology is used most often in the sense of computers and other electronics. I have selected this topic because technology is all around each and every one of us every single day as we go about our daily lives. After reading this article I will write a summary that accurately describes the text that was written about in this Psychology Journal.

Now more than ever technology is gradually and drastically taking over every part of our everyday lives as humans. The question we all wonder is the effects this has on us and the environment. Scientist who specialize in the analysis of behavior are using this modern technology to better do their jobs. We must ask ourselves how analyzing behavior can help us to advance even further in technology by understanding why we behave the we do. In this topic; there are four papers that have been published that represent the way modern technology has been used to better analyze behavior. One of these papers Lorah et al. (2018) has discussed all current practical findings and applications of using an iPad (made by Apple) and Proloquire2Go as devices to helps generate speech for verbally training young children who have autism. This is a prime example of one of the positive uses of modern technology, as there can be many negatives such as the level of distraction it creates for students in school or college.

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Another paper, Rios et al. (2018), provides information discussing what has been decided on the best practices for service proviso using remote technology. These authors successfully provided a large amount of useful information for using telehealth based on current practical discoveries and findings, the available software and or hardware and other ethical considerations. The papers, Saini and Roane (2018) and (Macaskill (2018) talk about in detail the way technology has influenced basic and translational research. While Saini and Roane (2018) compare and contrast the options for the modern methods of the experimental analysis of analyzing human behavior with respect to the already completed historical and seminal work all while demonstrating the way that new methods and ideas in technology have completely changed experimental analysis of human behavior while providing new and improved ideas for integrations of technology in research that occurs in the future.

The Makaskill (2018) has provided a review of these types of programs that researchers have used to develop computer experimental analogs of applied contexts. Outcomes that behavior analysts have successfully achieved this far, by the use of this advancing technology are unarguably quite impressive, and behavior analysts are a bit behind in this and continue falling far far behind in the ongoing technology revolution. There is no denying the fact that technology has and will continue to take over every aspect of human life. As this happens, the perfect opportunity is provided for behavior analysts to come up with solutions to new and current problems as they arise and contribute to the future advancements in problems. An example of this is the adopters of mechanistic simulation-based training in medicine that is used by the military and the air force as they struggle to program for generalizing and maintaining without properly understanding behavior analysts. Without these behavior analysts, cognitive and computer scientists use their interpretations of these learning theories.

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