Stop Gun Violence

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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This compelling essay underscores the dire need to curb gun violence in the U.S. Through statistics, personal stories, and potential solutions, it provides a holistic view of the magnitude of the problem and the steps required to address it. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Gun topic.

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Guns in America are ruining our society. Watch the news any day and you will most likely see either a school shooting ora shooting at some type of gathering. For some children going to school is horrifying because they are extremely disturbed by the school shootings that are going in our society. Children as young as kindergarten are learning how to act in the case of a school shooting. Yet, guns are killing innocent people by being able to have certain guns up for purchase, allowing people with health problems to access guns easily, and how easy it is to purchase a gun in the United States.

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The types of guns that people use in shootings should not be up for purchase for example in most shootings Handguns have been used in 86 different shootings also, rifles have been used in 42 different shootings. A handgun can take 20 rounds and that can result in a person dead. For some reason, the guns are still up for purchase and we are doing nothing about it.

People with health problems are able to purchase guns so easily. As a community, we should be more protective when it comes to buying guns. We should be checking future gun owners background checks before letting certain people buy or even shoot a gun.

The reason that people with health issues should not be able to purchase or shoot a gun without a thorough check background check is that some people are psychotic and don’t care for themselves and or others and that can result to deaths of innocent people. Usually, it takes around 3 days to one week to get your background checked by the FBI. Since it only takes around three days to get a background check checked that might affect the reason why there are so many shootings because they might not be thoroughly checked.

Guns are ruining our society. As a society, we need to stop gun violence.

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