Stereotyping and Discrimination

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Stereotyping and Discrimination

Stereotyping, the act of generalizing traits to an entire group, often leads to discrimination. This essay would delve into the origins, consequences, and mechanisms of stereotyping, discussing its harmful impact on individuals and societies, and how it perpetuates inequalities and prejudices. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Discrimination topic.

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The movie starts with all the animals living together and happily in the big city. Their peaceful lives are then disturbed by ferocious predators. The case goes to the swindler fox and a bunny cop, those who unintentionally solve many problems related to hidden cases of interspecies.Rhetorical Strategies Few of the negative observers interpret that movie does not openly or directly express the racism. Additionally, the writer named as Nico Lang also asserts that movie does not score much in expressing the real motive i.

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e. the racism. The relationship between racism and prejudice is also not clear entirely. He also states that he is very fond of animated movies, he saw Zootopia on first weekend itself and he was the only one, of his age at theatre.

He considers Zootopia as the best non-Pixar movie of the studio. He thought movie is racism centred but after watching the movie he totally disagrees with his own perspective. Movie is not fully focussing on racism it is not extensively addressing the racism as the characters are not equally distressed by racism. The movie is all about the prejudice which can distress everyone in the movie in equal terms. Zootopia is a successful movie in explaining how the racism leads to prejudice. The most stunning and distinctive facet of the movie is the extent to which it holds the notion of prejudice. (Zootopia)Counter ArgumentsIt is true that movie is based on biasedness it also directly expresses our heated political culture but not so perfectly.

Thus, according to me movie is lagging behind in perfection and adequation. There is something in the movie which is disturbing, like classification of animals in their biological terms also Zootopia does not state much about the power and its exploitation. According to the viewers, ratio of classification of the predators and prey (9:1) shown in the movie is not ideal. Prey animals are outnumbering the predators but I think predators have enough potentiality to eat large number of prey. As the movie is directed for the kids, it is perfect. If we want to explain the concept of biasedness, stereotyping and discrimination through the animated movie then it is a perfect movie to teach them all the three issues. The children at their young age would be able to understand unfairness and injustice. The movie can help them to directly connect with these social issues.

(Racism)Three concepts in which movie shows a successful rate1. Stereotyping This concept is shown in a clear and in detailed manner in this movie where Officer Clawhauser makes an apology to Judy for calling her cute. According to my opinion, the stereotypes are sometimes true about some peoples but definitely not for everyone. It may differ from people to people. The movie also represents in a quite explicit manner that how stereotyping can harm the people. Both types of people the ones who are doing stereotyping and the ones who are being stereotyped by others, comes under the distressful situation. Just as shown in the movie, the character of Judy who is stereotyped and also form a fixed idea or image of other characters assuming that particular person behaves in that particular manner. She is hoodwinked by a clever lamb at first and later becomes a villain of the movie.

Generally, in any animated movie the violent or dark creatures are shown as a villain of the movie while small, pretty, shiny and velvety ones are shown as lead characters. But this concept is not being followed in Zootopia to break stereotyping and to give lesson that stereotyping can lead us in any danger situation and can also results in bad conclusions.Prejudice There are many shots in the movie clearly showing that where biasedness occurs. It is defined in a precise manner that it is also not a fair part of understanding. Prejudice held when there is stereotyping, which enforce people to treat others in a different way. It is only the prejudice which enforces the Judy to do the work of meter-maid, to write tickets for parking violations instead of doing the job for which she has been trained.

Secondly, the sad moment scene where Nick Wilde, a con artist wants to join one of the animal program known as cub scouts. He is very enthusiastic to join the program and to initiate it because generally foxes are not being permitted in such activities. Thus, he came forward to initiate as attracted by other animals but instead they start to make fun of him by saying that he is never allowed to join and then initiate. In fact, they start muzzling him. Therefore, this movie depicts the prejudice in a well manner and also helps us to identify the behaviour that is needed to be changed.

It encourages us to think how to treat others in a kind and non-biased manner.Discrimination- We can fight prejudice as well as people can change In Zootopia it is clearly seen that characters were facing discrimination as well as they fought against it. The movie delivers the message related to the stereotyped people that they have to work hard more in comparison to others so as to attain the same goals as others are achieving. It depicts that working more in comparison to others is not an ideal policy as the character Judy still faces discrimination despite of her working hard. The movie also argues for the changing and growing of people. According to the movie people can grow and change but change is not as easier as we think.

The movie also exhibits the relationship between friends based on disputes and clashes. With help of these disputes Zootopia gain success in exploring the concept of allyship which is defined as the building of relationships based on trust and consistency with those who are not coming under our social sphere. For example, Nick and Judy become enemies in the movie they both misunderstand and also undermine each other through different ways. But still they stop feeling angry towards each other forgive and decided to move forward and work together so that they both can beat biasedness together. (, the movie is totally based on these three concepts.

This movie is an ideal example to teach race, sexuality, discrimination, biasedness etc. It also shows how to get over the differences and make this society a better place to live in. It is perfect to motivate small persons as it shows how the physically weak and small person can also deceive and conquer the larger and stronger ones. The best part of the movie is the clever methods of a small rabbit Judy who have the strong ability to turn the NO into YES and also the ways she is using for doing the work which seems difficult and big for her.


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