Starvation in the World

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Starvation has been a constant problem throughout the ages. It is a problem that should and can be solved easily, yet there are still over one billion undernourished people worldwide. What is extremely sad is that With the world population being over seven trillion people, the Earth produces more than enough food for this amount of people, yet there are still hungry, malnourished people all around the globe? You can blame three key factors for this, food shortages, climate and poverty.

To begin with, the definition of a food shortage is a “event due to lack of food or in food distribution, affecting large numbers of citizens due to climatic, environmental, socio-economic reasons or extreme political conditions such as tyrannical government or warfare” according to Britannica High School. The worst food shortage took place in Ireland during 1845-1849 this was when the potato crops failed in successive years. To emphasize how deadly food shortages can be the Irish population was 8.3 million citizens before the famine but after it was only 4. In addition, in war zones there is a great number of food shortage such as in Afghanistan alone there are 9.3 million parents that cannot be certain to put food on the table the next day for their children. Across the world, conflicts constantly disrupt farming and food production. Conflict can force millions of people to flee their homes, which could lead to starvation emergencies as the displaced find themselves without the means to feed themselves. In war, food sometimes becomes a key weapon. Soldiers would contaminate other crops and water walls to get that extra edge in the war, therefore forcing the landowner to have to flee from his land and he can not be certain to have food for the next day.

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The ongoing conflict in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo has been a major problem rising significantly the level of hunger in the two countries. By comparison, it is evident that in places more peaceful hunger is on the decrease in more. Food spoilage is also another key factor of starvation. Pets and animals can introduce disease to your food which could them cause harm to the consumer.

Second of all, Natural disasters such as floods, tropical storms and long periods of drought are on the rise with great consequences for the hungry in developing countries. Drought one of the most common causes of food shortages in the world. In 2011, the lack of rain caused crop death and heavy livestock losses in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya. In 2013 there was a similar situation in West Africa. In many countries, climate change is on the rise already making it tougher for farming. The world’s fertile farmland is under threat from erosion and desertification. Meanwhile, deforestation by humans accelerates the erosion of land which could be used for growing food.also, most third world farmers depend on rainfall to water their crops but in a sudden drought, three crops may die.And most of them don’t have a backup plan to depend on. Also, drastic climate change can make the food supplies less predictive.

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Third of all, Imagine living on one dollar and ninety cents a day or less and having to feed three mouths for meals a day. This is what eleven million people have to go true. Most people think that only lazy people are the ones that suffer from starvation,but that is not the case in most countries outside of the United States. In countries like Asia or Africa, there is no such thing as “minimum wage”. John Huntsman said that “parents in Africa work seven hours shift for seven days a week and holiday to in low paying jobs such as sewer cleaners and still don’t have enough to put food on the table every day of the week”. If you’re a small landowner in developing countries you may be in what is known as extreme poverty they are fully dependent on their small amount of crops to feed there family most of them don’t even have enough land to grow crops or they might not have enough money to buy the seeds to plant their crops. Unstable markets can cause starvation Britannica High School states that “ prices for food can be unstable one day a loaf of bread can be 1 dollar and the next 100 dollars in that little amount of time prices can drastically change. This is because of unstable government printing money without value behind them. According to the Economic Guide, £1 million marks in 1921 would be a lot. But, due to inflation, in two years, your savings would have become worthless. High inflation can also reduce the amount of money you have saved.

In conclusion, due to the unfortunate management of food by government officials and extreme climate change which can kill farmers crops and poverty among people in Africa and Asia more than thirteen million kids perish from starvation.

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