Specific Learning Disabilities and the Causes of Germaine’s Difficulties

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Updated: Aug 18, 2022
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Specific Learning Disabilities and the Causes of Germaine’s Difficulties essay

According to the scenario I believe that the school administration was wanted Germaine to be suitable for special education services because, if so, then all students with disability of this particular school will get appropriate services before all test will begin. It seems the school decided to have students with poor academic accomplishments moved to the special education classes so that their scores wouldn’t negatively affect the schools’ overall performance. Thus, the testing results of a general education student will be shown as increased. That was the reason as to why Germaine was sent for the evaluation.

The administration explained that Germaine’s mother has mental issues and implied that his inability to learn is due genetics. This assessment took place at the end of the year as opposed to the usual beginning of the academic year. In addition, a boy was evaluated and found not eligible for special ed services. On my opinion Germaine’s case was created for some other, not related to the real child’s achievement purpose, which could be that the school administration simply wanted to raise school performance.

According to Gabbard and American Psychiatric Association “specific learning disability is a developmental condition which starts usually within the school-age, but sometimes sings of this disorder can be not shown well ahead”. Children diagnosed with specific learning disability experience problems in different areas of their education process, such as in reading, speaking, writing or even in math. Specific learning disorder is not a consequence of deficiency of tutoring or wicked education. Deficiency of understanding an academic procedure, which can be reading comprehension or problem resolving that can lead to a bigger problem in many areas of learning. If this particular condition is not treated appropriately, then it could develop difficulties in individual’s future life. For example: student won’t finish school or will experience a lack of self-esteem or even he/she would not be employed.

By observing Germaine it is fair to say that he has good reading skills. We can how Ms. Perez, the teacher of special education class, was amazed of Germaine’s reading level that was much higher than his other classmates. In addition, he had a well-developed vocabulary when Germaine was retelling the stories. As comparing his achievement in English learning, his math skills seem weaker, but by looking deeper, Germaine is concentrated on the perfection, that is why it takes longer for him to solve any mathematical problem.

From my point of view Germaine doesn’t show any signs of disability. All of his difficulties in academic success occur because of some other aspects in his personal and school life. He should be placed in a regular class, but with different environment. A teacher should have good organization skills in order to manage an appropriate behavior during the lesson. At the same time, when it possible, teacher supposed to give an extra personal attention and provide some more help for Germaine in achieving goals.

By looking at the article, Germaine was positioned to the special education class, and he did have a tough teacher, who had sturdy rules in the class. The teacher created different methods of teaching the curriculum in order for kids to succeed in their learning. By observing this we can draw a conclusion that a very high percentage of students’ realization in their education depends on a teacher who has a straight forward and solid organizational skills. I am positive that the Centerville Elementary School had no legal rights to put Germaine and other kids with learning issues in special education classes in order raise school’s performance. The differing solution should be created by the school staff to help students to do well in educational process.

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