Social Media and Harassment

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“Cyber bullying or cyber harassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. Cyber bullying and Cyber harassment are also known as online bullying. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers Cyber bullying is when someone, typically teens, bully or harass others on social media sites”. Cyber bullying allows bullies to easily and anonymously harass victims online. Since cyber-bullying issues are more likely to happen at schools, social networking, and mobile phones; Teachers, principals, and parents are responsible for monitoring, preventing, and punish cyber-bullying.

What is Cyber Bullying?

In an article “Automatic detection of cyber bullying in social media text” by Jacobs, Gilles show how Internet is one of the most causes of cyber bullying. Internet does allow teens to communicate and express their feeling. Cyber bullying can occur on any social media such as Facebook as texts, videos, and web call. Playing video games is also one of the major reasons of cyber bullying. With almost 80 percent of teens play video games. This shows us how these video games allow user to make new friends, learning how to solve problems but it also creates egos of users to harass, bully, or gang up on other players by sending or posting negative messages and using the game as harassment.

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How do we stop bullying? According to “Teachers’ and students’ perception about cyber bullying. Intervention strategies in Primary and Secondary education [sic]”. We can prevent cyber bullying by:

  1. Students and parents should avoid mobiles and cameras with in the school premises.
  2. Teachers and counselors in the school should conduct the awareness program among the parents in order to make them understand what kind of bullying can occur and how to educate their children at home to overcome such incidents.
  3. Parents should have parental control used by their children over the internet
  4. Schools and colleges should adopt the policies having the restricted access to social networking sites such as Facebook. This is because the sites perform a major role for causing cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying has legal issues. Some of bullying can lead to arrest such as making threat of violence to people, harassment, sexual exploitation, etc. Young people today are using the Internet more than ever. They view more than ever. The Internet and mobile phone systems are the two biggest systems of communication, which play a crucial role in our daily activities, and development of identities. On the other hand, these technologies are also been used negatively. Many children are the targets of bullying via the Internet or mobile phones resulting in confusion. A lot of time teens are not be able to understand that what they are going through is a form of bullying. Some examples of Cyber bullying are:

    • 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer struggled with his sexuality and was repeatedly bullied at school and online. He posted an “It Gets Better” video on YouTube seemingly trying to convince himself as well as others that his situation would improve. Several anonymous comments on his Form spring page encouraged him to kill himself! He did on September 19, 2011.


  • Fifteen-year-old Phoebe Prince of South Hadley, Massachusetts, committed suicide after experiencing months of bullying and cyber bullying, which included name-calling.


What causes a person to become a cyber bully?

A cyber bully is a person in which he too is abused in many ways, verbally or physically or he might ever be cyber-bullied. Many times cyber-bullies works in groups because in that way they feel stronger but they sometimes, do not enjoy their actions. The main problem is they can’t move away from their team because they feel unsafe and the fear they might be cyber-bullied.

What are the effects of Cyber bullying? Kid or teens that are cyber bullied at schools are most likely to use alcohol, drugs, receive poor grades, have low self-esteem, or health problems.


Cyber bullying is a problem in societies that are advanced enough to have the technology to connect with other people online and is not easily fixable. Cyber bullying can affect anyone but is most prominent in today’s youth. If we can curve out this awful behavior early in their age, they are unlikely to continue down that path. Unfortunately this is not an easy task. This will require schools, and especially parents to be aware of the problem and act on it. Eliminating cyber bullying will take a combined effort and wont be eliminated over night?

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