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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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When reading these very known works, they seem to both have a big impact on society for it to be always remembered till this day. From each of their writings they both characterize different things but have one ultimate goal, which is to persuade a person or persons to change. They have proved to be great leaders during their time and their works can be shown as to how they have impacted change and what made them so different from one another.

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In the speech of, ¨The transcript of the Gettysburg Address¨ Abraham Lincoln uses a variety of rhetorical devices. His use of ethos gives off an overall tone in which it allows him to be shown as a leader. When speaking Lincoln uses words such as, ¨devotion¨, and ¨nobly¨ to show his way of praising the soldiers that were killed in the civil war. Another, would be how Lincoln would use allusion in his work. When Lincoln stated, ¨All men are created equal¨ this shows the audience how important this all was to him. It made the audience think about the situation a little bit more. The meaning of, ¨All men are created equal¨ symbolizes equality and freedom that they should be able to have because that’s what the soldiers had sacrificed their lives for. Moreover, Lincoln uses pathos to comfort the people by honoring the soldiers that have fought for them. This made the audience feel emotionally drawn because they were already in that state because of the current war. To add on, Lincoln uses ethos Lincoln and shows a great deal of sympathy towards the soldiers which is why he had dedicated the ceremony to brave men who sacrificed their lives for them. When using logos he uses parallelism and showing how he emphasized the purpose of what the soldiers had fought for.

On the contrary Martin Luther king use of rhetorical devices is used differently.In the ¨Gettysburg Address¨ King appealed to ethos by stating, ¨When you take a cross country drive and find it necessary to sleep night after night in the uncomfortable corners of your automobile because no motel will accept you¨ (King Jr.). This is based off his experience with segregation at the time and wanted them to know that he himself has been through that as well because he a colored man. Additionally, pathos would be used as well when King speaks about how colored children weren’t able to go to to theme parks because of the color of their skin. King stated, ¨..and see tears welling up in her little eyes when she is told that Funtown is closed to colored children¨ (King Jr.) When speaking out about this it makes the audience feel pity about this situation about a child being segregated just for being colored. When appealing to logos is when he stated, ¨We diligently urge people to obey the Supreme court’s decision of 1954 outlawing segregation in the public school. ¨ (King Jr.). King explains how segregation should not be used in public schools because it was already the court’s decision to end it and people should be able to obey it for the sake of everyone.

Comparing an contrasting the two they both had one goal, which was impact social change. Lincoln and King both share this idea pointing out the reasons as to why they need to change things. In Lincoln’s speech he pointed out how all men are created equal and that they should be able to have free rights in America. To add, King stated how segregation was a major issue in their society that not only affected them but also their country. Though Lincoln made the audience feel emotional about the whole situation and made them really come to a conclusion. While King was sitting in a jail cell writing a letter to the leaders who claimed that his actions were not necessary and were against the demonstrations that King supported. Since these are both very famous works, the most prominent would be Lincolns and the reason to that would be because he was the president of the United States. His speech had a bigger impact on white Americans because people were looking up to him since he was a person of authority. On the other hand most white Americans were against Kings actions.

To conclude, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther king were leaders who impacted society with the words they shared out about the significance of equality. As individuals they enforced social change for the better of their people.Also, The rhetorical strategies were both used differently when pointing out the issues in their society. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King did gave reason as to why they wanted they wanted things to change. When using the rhetorical strategies it helped persuade the people into thinking about issues more thoroughly.

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