Sexism in both Genders

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Updated: Apr 05, 2021
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“Women and girls, men and boys all share the right to live free of violence, which is, unfortunately, experience by both men and women. Women and girls, however, disproportionately experience violence due to a deeply rooted global culture of gender discrimination.” (Boniadi). No matter if you are a male or a female there may be times that each will experience some type of sexism towards them and how one should look, be or act. Additionally, women will most likely experience sexism throughout time much more than men. Sexism has been around for such a long time for both genders that it is so hard not to notice these things happening every day around the world.

In the marketing industries it has been stated that women’s products are more expensive than men. Pink tax is form on gender-based discrimination which explains that many products that are labeled with the color pink. For example; girls toys are more expensive than maybe, perhaps a boy toy. hygiene products such as razors the brand Bic has a pink for women and blue for men they are the same size and the same amount of blades but the women’s razors cost more. In the article “ Takes Stand Against Pink Tax” states that the company is reducing the prices due to women paying 108% more for razors; 10% more for body wash; 8% more for deodorant and 5% more for shaving gel.” (“…”) and the price seems to be only more expensive and still increasing for everyday products to get more of a profit. Younger girls clothing approximately cost 4% more than a young boys clothing. From these extra “taxes” that women have to pay crumble equality between men and women, causing other obstacles and biases as well. (Zelniker).

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For many years, women have been breaking gender barriers. In Alaska, an oilfield company a female named Sonya Lockwood, was promoted the position to field manager for the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. In Alaska women were only limited to do housekeeping, culinary or administrative jobs. For years Ms. Lockwood dedicated and worked very hard at her job to get to where she is now in light of the fact that it was hard and not very likely a woman would be in a blue collar job, also known as “a male’s job”.

In spite of the facts, women are the only ones that experience sexism, it is not uncommon that men will also experience it as well. In the event that when a male is a victim some will not come out and say what they have experienced and may even say they had fallen. For the reason that it may be “embarrassing” for them and effect their “man hood” to admit that were hurt by a women. In regards to a true event that happened to male who experienced domestic violence from his girlfriend. He was wheeled into the emergency bleeding intensively from a stab wound to his chest, his chances of survival were slim. The knife had barely missed his heart. As the man fought for his life, his girlfriend sat in jail. Scott’s family had a certain suspicion that something was off with his relationship with him and girlfriend. They knew it was a matter of time before something dreadful was going to occur. The police came to Scott’s house multiple times before on calls of domestic violence. It is seen that sometimes police will show to the scene and it is the man who ends up getting arrested. It is shown by studies that one in three victims of domestic violence is male. (Thompson) It should not be wrong for a male to come out and speak of it, but it is in today’s society, it is because of the fact that it is not manly, but if a male hits a woman it is considered a polling brutality and no further questions are asked.

Another example that seems to go mute is in the medical field. How male nurses and women doctors sometimes feel discriminated in a world that some people would rather trust a male opinion as a doctor more than a woman’s due to sexist remark. To some people a nurse’s opinion is more trusting since a nurses job is more for women’s not a man, it works the same way for women, a woman doctor is not supposed to be female job, it’s more meant for a males. That is yet not the only thing that some people are sexist towards. For example, in some cases the woman in the relationship is the provider and the man is the stay at home dad.

Sexism in both Genders essay

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