Research Related to Student’s Self-development and Importance of Critical Thinking

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Bruce Lee once said, “Learning is never cumulative; it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end. The more it is known, the better it becomes.” A person entering a new environment is always keen to know about their present surroundings. This cooperation with the surroundings leads to an impactful learning environment that enhances one socially. A new place or a new work environment always builds up skills that are critical and effective. Enrollment in a new field or an educational program always prompts new questions in a person’s mind.

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They may wonder, “Will I be able to keep pace with other students in such a new environment?” and “What type of skills and steps must one take to survive?” A new surrounding is often seen as an unbeatable war. To be victorious in this war, one adapts to battlefield rules by cooperating with these new styles and patterns.

The new study modes push a person to create those specific patterns and ways that are necessary to apply these in their respective fields. This cooperation opens numerous gates for celebrating the diversity of exploration within their surroundings. It is not necessary for a person to be a fast and intelligent learner for survival. Slow but attentive minds can also learn through experiences by constantly working hard to overcome the problems they face. A person teaches themselves the ways to overcome differences, learn by listening attentively and actively, as well as the benefits of working as a team. Strong interpersonal talents and skills are developed.

New friendships play a vital role in the improvement of social communication and interaction. New thinking allows the exchange of fresh, implementable ideas, and the opportunity to gain additional advice from respective peers. These cumulative benefits contribute to an enhanced, comprehensive learning environment. Gradually, after undergoing these stages and learning phases, a person becomes more confident and convinced about the actions they need to take. These successful learning environments enable individuals to engage with, and apply newly learnt skills to future lessons and commitments.

Hard skills and soft skills are both needed in a competitive working environment. Hard skills are akin to explicit learning, which can be learned through practice and verbally explained. Soft skills, on the other hand, align more with implicit learning and cannot be taught in the same way as normal skill learning. These skills can be considered a measure of how one anticipates or perceives and responds to events happening in their surrounding environment. I personally believe that prior experiences play a tremendous role in shaping one’s soft skills for any kind of competitive situation. Based on my previous experiences and future goals, I believe that certain soft skills, including a positive attitude, teamwork, leadership skills, communication skills, and creative thinking, will be of vital importance.

A number of things can go wrong, and countless factors can add up to create problems; however, staying positive, patient, and confident can pull you through anything. Working with other colleagues and listening to others’ ideas can definitely create a healthy environment and produce better results. Someone with leadership skills can even pull others out of a difficult situation smoothly with quick thinking and decision-making. Communication skills are required in every field of life, so one must learn to deal with all kinds of people and should be able to express a personal point of view to others. Creative thinking expands the limits of imagination beyond the ordinary and leads to solutions for problems that were once considered impossible.

Thinking is an important factor that can lead us out of difficult situations. Critical thinking helps us make the best choices after assessing all possibilities in any kind of environment. To develop and enhance our abilities as critical thinkers, we must first realize our problems with the thinking process. My major problem lies at the very basis of the thinking stages. I cannot organize the plethora of ideas when critically analyzing something. However, by learning from my own mistakes and constant self-evaluation, I was able to improve and make peace with my learning process and critical thinking. Improvement in critical thinking helped me excel in academic fields that always posed great problems for me. I started understanding lectures in a better way and began implementing new strategies. The confidence boost helped me demonstrate solutions through better examples. In other words, critical thinking helped me grow academically in various ways.

Metacognition always influences one’s way of thinking as well as understanding a point of view. Improvements in ways of thinking lead to improvements in learning speed, progressing from slow to fast and from static to dynamic learning. In addition, enhancements in the working pattern occur regarding problem statements, proper sequencing, precision, accuracy, and debatable technical reasoning. This enables one to ask more questions, provide better reasoning, apply critical thinking, find superior and high-quality solutions, and unify the ways to find motivations towards future goals. The most significant benefits include more options and a wider range of adaptable methods for handling different situations.

Whenever a course is enrolled in, a lot is expected from it. It is expected to offer maximum flexibility and depth in particular areas, setting appropriate skills for a conceivable career. Upon meeting these expectations, new connections and work and study paths are opened. Improvements always benefit society in one way or another. Therefore, in my opinion, cooperation with the staff, instructors, and peers is crucial. Hence, before the commencement of a course or degree program, a whole week should be set aside for orientation sessions.

In these sessions, applications of the related field should be discussed in detail by the respective instructors. Students should understand the world and its problems that everyone expects them to solve. Previous studies, as well as future applications in the specific field, must be thoroughly explained to provide students with information helpful in choosing their future directions. Also, in these sessions, students should be given an opportunity to express their personal views on the specific field or disciplines.

In conclusion, I would advise everyone to maintain a constant state of self-evaluation. Competitiveness, applied for the sake of self-improvement, can go a long way in developing a person’s learning techniques and soft skills, bringing success in every field of life.

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