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General summary

Both articles discuss the following topics: effect of life events on families and couples such as divorce, death etc. Reasons that can break families. How to help families stay together. Different factors that can affect families and relationships such as education, ethnicity, employment etc. Development of family and couple psychology.

The main research questions in the article, Family psychology and psychology of men and masculinities, what are social challenges that face families? are what factors affect family’s success or failure? What are the reasons behind divorce? And what is the effect of traditional masculine norms in families. Participants chosen for that research were families, couples, immigrant families, military families, diverse families and white men. Methods used in conducting the research were specific questionnaires, interviews surveys and stimulus materials.

The main research questions in the article, 60 Years of Practice, Research, and Teaching in Family Psychology and Family Therapy, what is family and personality definition? what are different structures of families? what are the solutions for improving families and personalities? And what are the challenges that faces couples and families and their solutions. Participants chosen for that research were families and couples. . Methods used in conducting the research were interviews surveys, stimulus materials, practice exercises.

Critical Analysis

Relationships are very important, no one can live alone, that’s why there are many researches that discuss relationship, couples and family phycology. Family psychology is a relatively new field in psychology and growing very fast. Both articles mentioned have some similarities, they both discussed major influences that can affect couple and family such as healthy family promotion, challenges that face families and couples, how relationships are formed, how to maintain a healthy relationship. Differences between both articles, article “60 Years of Practice, Research, and Teaching in Family Psychology and Family Therapy” focused more on Different types of human relationships, traditional family definition and developing a new definition due to the changes that happened to family compositions through years, different models of identities and how they are connected to personalities and human relationships, effect of individual differences and human behavior on relationships. Articles discussed impact of alienation, bullying, parentification, rebellion, seduction, drug and alcohol abuse, imprisonment, disability and mental diseases in families. Although the article covered different and important topics in human relationships and family psychology, it didn’t discuss enough other influences that have a big effect on relationships like article “Family psychology and psychology of men and masculinities” did.

Article “Family psychology and psychology of men and masculinities” covered same topics and more influences in more details and different perspectives. It discussed the evolution of family psychology, human behavior, emotions, social changes, life events, cultural and traditions differences, effect of different social classes, gender, education and employment. child development, relationship between parents and children, and family violence, family transitions (such as diverse families, military families, ethnicity, sexual orientation, separation, single parenting, step family, adoption, disability, and death). The article also discussed solutions to help couples and families to have and maintain a healthy relationship. The article showed big attention to traditional masculine norms and their impact on couples and families, and relationships between women and men.

The article discussed the close relationship between psychology of men and masculinities and family psychology. Researches showed that men following traditional masculine norms can harm themselves and their families as well. Less educated white men tend to follow traditional masculine norms more than more educated men, these traditional norms are less followed in higher social class, indicating that education and social class influence men behavior and the relationships they form.

The article also discussed the relationships between women and men, and changes occurred in women and men rules through years. Women tradition role has changed a lot, now women can perform new roles that were referred to as masculine besides their traditional roles. Men role has also changed, men now share women in their roles, roles that were referred to as feminine, but still not equally as women. These changes in women and men traditional roles also changed the traditional idea that men are always the ones who can initiate divorce. Women who aren’t happy in their martial life for any reason started requesting divorce in higher percentage than in the past.

Article “Family psychology and psychology of men and masculinities” is an excellent source for family psychology than article “60 Years of Practice, Research, and Teaching in Family Psychology and Family Therapy”. It provided a complete understanding of factors that can affect relationships families negatively and how to avoid them, plus factors that can help to maintain a healthy relationship in couple and family through time.

The article focused more on one form of family transitions which is diverse family and didn’t discuss much other forms of family transitions such causes and consequences of divorce and remarriage, adoption etc. The article discussed the effects of the traditional masculinity norms on families but it didn’t discuss how to overcome those effects. Therefore, I suggest working on more detailed researches about divorce, remarriage, family transition and traditional masculinity norms.

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