Reality Vs. Real Highschool

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Updated: Aug 17, 2023
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Television has skewed society’s image of all the ordinary life experiences, from college to work. The most distorted image we have is of high school. Everywhere one looks, there is a new movie out, and surprise, it’s a teen drama about high school. The problem is that rarely do any of these details happen in real life. Being a high schooler with two and a quarter years of experience, I thought I could shed some light on the subject and show just how different real high school can be from the high school portrayed on reality television.

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“Reality High School”

First off, there is typically one group of friends that the whole town revolves around, and the other students are non-existent or appalled by the group most of the time. In the friend group, there is usually a super smart girl, a high-class social diva, a varsity jock, and an outcast. There will always be a bully that the receiver of the bullying stands up to. I know that in regular high school there are bullies, but the ones on television have been magnified. Then, some students can just skip school without any consequences, get in trouble, or go shopping. Speaking of clothing, I have noticed that the outfits of the main characters always look like they are about to step into a photoshoot; most normal students do not wear dresses every day. However, the most unrealistic part of reality high school is when the athletic all-star leaves the game for the person they desire. Sports is one of the highest-ranked importance to students nowadays, so there is no way a student would leave.

Real High School

Compared to reality television, high school isn’t as glamorous as producers make it out to be. I have to debunk the image that a group of friends is the center of the town. Instead, towns, stereotypically, revolve around sports – mostly football. Then, once the season is over, the conversation quickly pivots to college or NFL football. Turning back to the school aspect, how often do students get homework? I’d estimate it’s around twice a week, at a minimum. Students on TV, conversely, seem to have assignments once a month and are upset about it. Another advantage of being a real-life student is signing up for about ten activities. On big shows or movies, students sign up for one thing and then do nothing for the rest of the year.

As one can gather, the line splitting difference is clear and straight. As television producers in Hollywood continue to misguide teenagers. The reality vs. real high school is black and white, depending on what one wears, who they hang out with, whether or not they are athletes, and the activities students can participate in. All in all, high school is a unique experience. Whether good or bad, the reality of high school can be a place of relief.

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