Is Athletic Training Too Intense for High Schoolers 

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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No, I don’t believe that athletic training is too intense for high school. The reason is that the athlete signed up for this sport and committed himself/herself to train hard. The coach should arrange a workout that is at your speed or at the intensity level you are comfortable with. I also think that the athlete should work out to stay in shape to make it easier for the coach during the off-season. Take care of yourself, stretch, and tell the coach if you are hurt, even though it might not seem like a big deal.

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Being an athlete myself, I know that it takes a lot of dedication, discipline, and commitment.

During the off-season of any sport, it’s really important to stay in shape. This applies to cross country, basketball, track or any other sport. It takes a lot to get back into shape and to catch up with others because you have to remember that there are other athletes working just as hard as you. Coaches give athletes tough workouts that can potentially lead to injuries, but athletes can prevent them by stretching and icing. An athlete must be disciplined in doing the extra stretching and staying in shape during the off-season; these extra efforts can prevent injuries.

I think that if one is going to be an athlete, they should take the time to care for themselves by doing extra stretching. If the athlete has had a tough practice, they should make time before bed or whenever they have free time, either after or before practice. Doing extra stretching does help a lot; it strengthens muscles and makes the athlete more flexible, which is good for the joints. Even when it’s cold out, they should consider their muscles, because, as my coach always says, “warm muscles are happy muscles.” When it’s cold out, muscles are more prone to being torn or pulled. The primary reasons why athletes get hurt are due to accidents or because they don’t take care of themselves.

When sports start, coaches usually have to plan a workout for both the athletes who are out of shape and those who are in shape. This process can be challenging for the coaches because they have a limited amount of time to get the athletes in shape. They also have to consider the needs of those who are already in good condition. Consequently, it is advisable for an athlete to be somewhat in shape before participating in sports as it simplifies the coach’s job and reduces the risk of injuries. Many parents believe that children are being overtrained, both physically and mentally, which often results in decreased motivation and excessive tiredness. I somewhat agree with this sentiment. However, I also believe that an athlete wouldn’t be overtrained if the coach regularly scheduled light practice days to prevent physical exhaustion. If an athlete is truly committed to their sport, they will maintain their motivation, ensure they get enough sleep to avoid fatigue, and stay dedicated.

Is athletic training too intense for high schoolers? I think not. In conclusion, it’s entirely up to the athlete to stay dedicated to the game. He or she must remain committed to the sport they are in and maintain their physical fitness. If the athlete stays in shape, it makes it easier for the coach and is better for the athlete. To stay injury-free, the athlete must practice a lot of self-care and take extra steps. These are my reasons why athletic training is not too intense for high schoolers.

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