Is Athletic Training Too Intense for High Schoolers 

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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No, I don’t believe that athletic training is too intense for high school. The reason why is the athlete signed up for this sport and committed him/herself to train hard. The coach should arrange a workout that is at your speed or at the intensity level you are. I also think that the athlete should work out to stay in shape to make it easier for the coach during the offseason. Take care of yourself stretch and tell the coach if you are hurt even though it might not seem like a big deal. Being an athlete myself I know that it takes a lot of dedication and discipline and commitment.

During off-season during any sport it really important to stay in shape because when cross country, basketball, track or any sport. It takes a lot to get back in shape and to get caught up with the others because you got to remember that there are other athletes working just as hard as you. So coaches give athletes workouts that are tough and that can lead to injuries but the athlete can prevent by doing stretching or icing. If an athlete has to be discipline to doing the extra stretching and staying in shape during the off-season this extra stuff can prevent injuries.

I think that if you are going to be an athlete he or she should take the time to take care of themselves by doing extra stretching. If the athlete had a tough practice they should make time before bed or when they have free time after practice or even before. Doing extra stretching does help a lot it strengthens muscles and makes the athlete more flexible and that’s good for the joints. Even it is a cold out they should think of themselves and their muscles because my coach always says “ warm muscles are happy muscle.” When it is cold out muscles are torn or pulled easier than usual. Most reasons why athletes get hurt is because accidents or they don’t take care of themselves.

When sports start the coaches usually have to plan a workout for the ones that are out of shape and for the ones that are in shape. It makes it hard for the coaches because they only have a certain amount of time to get the athletes in shape. They also have to think about the ones that are in shape. So if an athlete is going to do sports he or she should be somewhat in shape. It makes it easier for the coach and fewer injuries. Most parents think that kids are getting overtrained Physical, mentally even both. That leads to the lack of motivation getting more tired than usual. In my opinion, I think in a way that is kinda true. The athlete wouldn’t be overtrained because usually, the coach would have an easy day of practice for not that to happen. If the athlete was committed to the sport they wouldn’t lack motivation they would get enough sleep so they won’t get tired they would stay dedicated.

Is athletic training too intense for high schoolers? I think not. In conclusion, it’s all the up to the athlete staying dedicated to the game. He or she has to stay committed to the sport that they are in and stay in shape. If the athlete stays in shape it makes it easier for the coach and it’s better for the athlete. The athlete wants to stay injury free it takes a lot of self-caring doing those extra steps. These are my reasons why athlete training is not too intense for high schoolers. 

Is Athletic Training Too Intense for High Schoolers  essay

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