Purpose and Meaning of Life

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Purpose and Meaning of Life

This essay will investigate the human pursuit of purpose and meaning in life. It will explore how different cultures and philosophies define life’s purpose, the role of personal goals and societal expectations, and the psychological impact of finding or lacking meaning in life. The essay will also offer insights on how individuals can discover or create their sense of purpose. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Fiction.

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What’s life? Is life defined as the good days where you wake up and it’s a beautiful day. The day where you jump out of bed, love what your wearing, and the entire day everything is just going right and easy. It’s the day that everyone is noticing you and you understand everything you are learning in school, answering all the right answers. The day, where you played ball and didn’t miss a shot. Your day was just on fire.

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Or is life defined as the bad and dark days. The day when you get out of bed and stub your toe, hate what your wearing, spill your coffee on yourself, run to the train station and miss the train. The day when you go to school and no body, not even one person notices you, and the rest of the day just gets worse. I believe everyone in this room has had many difficult days. Life has many challenges. Life has many dark days where one is constantly concerned. Do people like me? No people don’t like me? Am I smart? No, I’m not smart. Challenges are here to stay. Life isn’t always going to be so peaceful. Life is not a trip where things are always going to go well.

As you get older the pressures get harder. Expect that your life will have many difficult days. Whether it’s health issues, wealth issues, social issues, school issues. There will be days where you’re learning but it isn’t that great, a day where you don’t understand a thing you’re learning. It is a day where you’re learning is just a disaster and everything you learn just goes in one ear out the other. On the other hand, there are days where learning is going great and you understand everything your learning. Success in life is dependent on how we deal with those difficult days, weeks and challenges. If one doesn’t deal with their challenges properly that challenge can become their challenge for life. Many people go in despair when they are going through a bad day. You say work is not for me, give up. Happiness is not for me, you give up. Friendships are not for me, you give up. Education is not for me, give up. But you should know that if you give up, you lose. The moment you give up its over. If you have hope you can do it. Reach for the best. Reach for the CEO position or the valvicorine position.

There many things that you can reach if you don’t give up. One can never escape their challenges if they give up. But, if you have hope you will be okay. You will be better than okay. This world is about doing, it’s about becoming something, it’s about accomplishing great things. You’re going through what you’re going through because you here to accomplish. One only accomplishes when their going through challenges. If you’re going through a hard day or week, wake up. Wake up. Learn from others and their mistakes. You should believe that you can do it. Every time a challenge comes rise to it. In life difficulties are the womb of greatness. If you find yourself in a difficult position know that you’re in the womb of greatness if you react. We are here to win the Olympics. We are not here to sit back and relax. Could you imagine a guy in the Olympics that is in the hurdle race says stop “I have a problem?” He says I have a problem, why do we have to jump the hurdles, why can’t we just run through the field. Everybody will look at him and think he is a stupid person because he is here to win the hurdle race not to just run without the hurdles. That’s the purpose of life.

The purpose of life is to go through hurdles and to jump over them. Hurdles are not a dead end. When you fail in life it’s not a dead end. When you fail in life it’s only a hurdle to jump and get up. To succeeded in life, you must fall. When you fall, you get better. When you go down and when you get up you go up higher. In life, your difficulties and failures is what lifts you higher. If you are having a hard day, week, or year maybe you’ll cry but you’re ready to jump. You’re ready to jump the hurdle. As you get older, the hurdles get harder and higher. As you jump you get better, higher, and more successful. If you want to be successful in life you’re going to have to learn how to deal with these difficult days because your problems will only get heavier and harder. Know that you can do it, and succeeded because you can jump that hurdle.

Hope is the secret to success. Never give up, always know that the next challenge in life is there to lift you up and make you ready for the next time. It might be difficult a challenge but your heart will be happy because you know that you will be ready for the next greater challenge.

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