Psychological Assessment

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Sheldon white is an American twenty-two year old born in Britain and raised in the family farm. Sheldon is a child of a widow Sarah white who was departed by his beloved husband when Sheldon was eighteen years old. Being a peasant family who depended highly on the sale of beef to a packaging firm nearby, Sheldon didn’t have it soft in life. Furthermore, he has three siblings all boys except the precious lastborn daughter to the family. Mercy, the last born daughter is believed to be the bastard daughter of a cane businessman.

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Sheldon grew up in a Christian background with most religious values inbuilt by Sheldon’s favorite reverend john.

Sheldon attained good grades all along the study chain till the university level where he studied mechanical engineering at Cambridge University. The family has lived in their ancestral land passed down from their grandfather. Sheldon grew with closer relationships with the local servicemen working in the beef industry in Milton Keynes range in Britain.

Drugs addiction

Sheldon began drinking cheap liquor at a tender age during the high school’s parties. He later involved the smoking of cigarettes rolls occasionally for a before he started indulging in marijuana use. The rate of intake was low, but it escalated when he joined campus. The peer pressure cycle made Sheldon more vulnerable due to lack of morally upright friends. The tragic loss of his father due to a fatal accident while drunk made Sheldon be the manly figure in the family with possessive qualities of what he learned from the occasional drinking habits of his father. Months later Sheldon received a lot of cash payoffs of the retirement savings of his father. The young campus student luxuriously spent the money being the trustee of the funds.

For the past 21 days, he drank 18 days with a minimum of six shots of scorch and several beer bottles. Additionally, he consumes several packets of cigarettes in a day in a row. Marijuana smoking rose rapidly to five joints a day. The overall expenditure on drugs and alcohol is $350 a week. Treatment history Sheldon enrolled to a three months treatment program involving detoxification and abstinence treatment to avoid the alcoholism and the constant urge brought by cigarette addiction. He was later joined to an outpatient detoxification twice a week in AA meetings within their local town.

Sheldon shows an interest to gain treatment objectives to curb addiction issues he got. At the last three weeks, he has got four bad days where he faces constant urge to smoke cigarettes due to depression issues attained due to loss of adequate finances to support the family.

Social life

Sheldon is currently single and has diminishing urge to gain a companion since he believes women are an additional budget to his life. He thinks the drinking problem will increase with extra responsibility posed by family and relationships.

Sheldon lacks fellow family members with drinking and smoking problems. It tends to make him feel isolated and is continuously in lack of company from family but gets more attention from the servicemen in the neighborhood. Psychiatric section. Sheldon’s family member doesn’t pose any issue with psychiatric treatment. Also, he doesn’t receive any financial refunds for treatment made on psychological topics. Sheldon confronts the mental questions with a sound confidence he is mentally stable even when under the influence of alcohol.

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