Smoking as One of the Main Problems in America

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Updated: Nov 11, 2022
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Smoking is causing multiple problems in america today. You can buy cigarettes anywhere th gas station , your local grocery story. Cigaret buds are found on roads in your grass . many people are starting to smoke at a young age because they believe it’s  cool ,but they don’t know the out comes.Smoking causes cancer, destroys the environment, and waste valuable money.

People who smoke dont understand  how harmful it is. smoking  can cause  15 different types of cancers . Cigarettes contain of  benzo a poisonous chemical  which damages  the dna  cells in people causing cancer .

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  Getting cancer from smoking happens over time, no you will not get cancer just by smoking one time , people have to continuously smoke everyday in order for the chemicals to enter your bloodstream and cause cancer. 

 Smoking doesn’t just ruin your body it also ruins the environment. Many people who smoke cigarettes  just throw their used cigerat buds on the ground not knowing what their doing to the environment . The cigaret  buds are a toxic waste which goes into the oceans and cause dirty ,chemical water . Also many people don’t know  how dangerous it is to throw still lit cigarettes on the ground . Cigarettes can easily cause fires and damage homes.  Buying cigarettes isn’t just expensive also  cleaning up the waste from cigarettes is expensive .

Now in days you see kids who are 12 going on 13 making  videos  smoking cigarettes because kids think its cool  ,but all it really is doing is killing their bodys on the inside. In 2016  people 18 years or older ,15.5% people smoked cigarettes , which many people don’t think is high but really is . Currently today the  average smoking age of 18-24 has gone up highley over many years.

 Cigarettes arent  just bad news ,people shouldn’t smoke them or even buy them . They cause many problems in your body and also in the environment . People should take a closer look at what their doing to their body and not how smoking a cigaret makes them look or feel.

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