Prostitution should not be Legalized

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Prostitution should not be Legalized

Discuss arguments against the legalization of prostitution. Cover moral, social, and health-related concerns, including the risks of exploitation, human trafficking, and public health. Analyze the experiences of countries where prostitution is legal, and include perspectives from law enforcement, social workers, and those within the sex industry. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Criminal Law.

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Prostitution appeared a long time ago, but it is still not clear how to consider it from the point of view of the law. A complete ban is not a panacea; it only exacerbates the situation with human trafficking. Legalization does not reduce, but increases the volume of the black market.

History shows that crises and growing inequality have always led to the prosperity of prostitution: debt and war slavery, hunger, unemployment, illegal migration, but most importantly – war. World wars have become world-scale pimps for mankind!

However, the warring nations almost did not have the strength to reflect on this matter.

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Among the striking attempts to somehow sort out the problem, one can name the ongoing disputes between China and Korea with Japan over “consolation stations” (military brothels in the Japanese-occupied territories) or a reassessment of their behavior: first, Europeans in relation to fellow collaborators (they served the German military in the occupied territories), and then the liberators in relation to the Europeans. Say, from the point of view of American soldiers, France was one giant brothel, which resulted in attempts to literally organize a brothel, as well as approximately 3,500 rapes.

As for the prostituted people themselves, there is approximately the following opinion: prostitution as an institution is a social evil, as well as a public health problem. Well, the people who are engaged in it are somehow different from others (different versions are possible here: they are especially immoral or they are forced by circumstances, etc.).

On such a shaky foundation, individual countries began to understand their internal affairs in completely different ways, sometimes in diametrically opposite ways.

Look: at first glance, decriminalization seems to bring criminal schemes out of the shadows. That is, now we do not have clandestine brothels flooded with drugs, where girls trembling with fear, intimidated by the mafia, work, but “small business objects.” And in the European press, we periodically see the happy stories of prostitutes. But no, it’s not that simple.

In Germany, prostitution was decriminalized. Everyone, moths, fly out of the shadows, everything is possible. However, for some reason, the shadow market has only grown. The number of crimes related to prostitution and trafficking in women has increased.

There are 22 countries in the world where prostitution is legalized in one way or another. There is the Netherlands with red-light districts, there is Sweden, where prostitutes are not prosecuted, and only the client is criminalized – he has to pay a fine.

There is Austria, where prostitution is legalized, but there are no such problems with migrants as in Germany. There is, for example, Denmark, where prostitution can only be a second job. The Danes believe that trading your body to survive is disgusting. Prostitution can only be a hobby. Prostitutes, as a rule, register as individual entrepreneurs, have their own trade unions …

Nevertheless, the level of crimes related to prostitution is higher in these countries than where prostitution is prohibited. Because legalization has one and only consequence – an increase in demand. Demand grows – supply grows, and business is trying to make it as cheap as possible. And cheaper offers are migrant prostitutes with selected passports.

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