Positive Side of Border Wall

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Building a wall will help America in a lot of different ways. There have been issues going on about if we should build a wall or not on the Mexico border. This was due to the illegal immigrants coming in to the United States today.  An illegal immigrant is defined as a person who migrates into the country in ways that violate the immigration laws of that country.  This has all come about since the presidential election in 2016. Donald Trump, the current president,  used this as a big campaign promise.

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  America has struggled with illegal immigrants for a long time now. This was a problem that Trump said he will fix while he is in office.  There are some that oppose this happening. The opposing view is that the wall will cost too much to build and there will be families that get separated from each other. The problem is that they are trying to come into America illegally and claim asylum.  Asylum is defined as the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee. Most immigrants trying to cross the border can’t claim asylum due to them not being religiously persecuted in their home country. We need to build a wall for better homeland security, the taxes towards the government are getting paid, government assistance for illegal immigrants are being cut down, and so we can bring jobs back into the hands of American people. We already have a wall but it has breaks in it. The wall is built with a fence and there are many ways that the immigrants can get through illegally. With a strong border being built, that will put a stop to this problem America is facing. The United States needs to change the immigration law to build a wall to protect America against illegal immigrants.

Building a border wall will help with homeland security.  “U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehends over 1,100 people a day crossing into America illegally” (We Must Secure the Border). This will be a way to ensure that we keep America safe. The immigrants are bringing more than just themselves and their families here.  They are smuggling in illegal drugs and money into this country. “There is 5,863 pounds of narcotics seized at the boarder on a single day” (On a Typical Day). This is has become an ongoing problem as they are getting through the border with narcotics.  Building a wall will help prevent the drugs being smuggled across the border.  They also are bringing illicit currency into America. “On any given day there is $265,205 in undeclared or illicit currency seized” (On a Typical Day). With the wall being build this help make sure that anyone trying to enter the country will have to enter at a point of entry. This will make it harder for them to be able to smuggle drugs and money into America.

The taxes in America go towards helping the government fund the government benefits.  Every American gets taxes taken out of their paycheck.  “In the fiscal year 2016 the Federal government spent 3.9 trillion dollars of which about 37% of that was used to pay for the benefits to Americans” (Policy Basics).  Illegal Immigrants that come over and get jobs that pay cash and don’t take taxes out. They are just taking the money from hardworking Americans.  The immigrants will take their money that they make here in American and send it back to their families in their home country.  Some of the money that goes to the other countries also goes to funding the drug cartels.  This is a big problem with the narcotics that are coming into this country illegally.

Right now illegal immigrants can come to America and get government assistance. This is something that should only be given to American citizens. American citizens can’t even get most of these benefits but they are given to immigrants as soon as they get here. “Immigrant children have access to a public education and are eligible to attend public schools for grades K-12 regardless of their status” (Fact Sheets). This is something that American children should only be given. American citizens pay for our children to be able to go to school, this comes out of our taxes.  We shouldn’t be paying for illegal immigrants to attend our schools. Most people coming into America right now are claiming asylum.  Claiming asylum is for those who are being politically or religiously persecuted in their country.  The amount of people in the current convoys that are trying to come into America cannot all be truly claiming asylum.  They are just trying to get into America for the benefits that they get offered when they get here.   If they claim asylum this prevents them from being considered a public charge. A public charge is a way the government looks at an immigrant to see if they will rely on the government in the future. If it is found that they will be a public charge then the government can deny them entry to stay. This will help with getting the number of immigrants off of government assistance and prevent there from being more. “The Department of Homeland Security says that about half of all immigrant households use at least one benefit program and that is deeply unfair to the U.S. tax payers” (Trump Administration). This is what Trump is trying to fix and by building a wall this gives Americans more benefits in their own country and help us not paying for unnecessary expenses to illegal aliens.

A lot of jobs are being taken by immigrants. This is causing trouble with American citizens who can’t find a job. They are coming here and working illegally and sending the money back to their countries. This not only hurts our government but it hurts the legal citizens of America. They enter illegally and they get hired with either fake documents or by employers willing to hire due to being able to pay them less. Employers look at it as a way to save money, even though this is against the law to do. They can pay an illegal immigrant less money than they have to pay an American worker. This is hurting all of the blue collar American workers. “There is 8 million illegal aliens working in the United States workforce from a study done by Pew Hispanic Center” (Illegal Aliens Taking U.S. Jobs).  This is was a campaign promise that Trump made while running for president. He has set a goal to make sure that jobs end back in the hands for American citizens.  Building the wall will stop illegal aliens from being able to come in and take jobs that American people are willing to work in.

Building a wall has been proven to help with illegal immigrants before. Adding more border patrol and better fences have worked in the past. “They have worked in Yuma, Arizona as a result of the 2006 Bipartisan Secure Border Act” (We Must Secure the Border). This has been a proven way to stop immigrants from entering the country illegally. “With this wall being built there was a 95 percent decrease in immigrants trying to cross the border illegally.” (We Must Secure the Border). We need to build a wall along the entire border because right now there are gaps between fences that we have up.  The border patrol agents that work along the border face danger everyday due to the illegal immigrants.  They come across the border with several guns that are illegally obtained.  Those guns have been used in murders of American citizens who are just innocent victims.

Some people don’t agree with the wall being built.  It will cause families to be split from their kids who were originally born here with illegal parents and that the wall will cost too much to build.  “The cost of this wall along the Mexico border would cost 21 billion” (How Much Will Trumps Border Wall Cost).  While this sounds like a lot it would be paid for over a specific amount of time and Mexico would be helping fund it. A lot of people also believe that America is a melting pot and that immigrants are a part of the American way. This is true, but illegal immigrants need to come into the country legally. When you are sneaking in and using our benefits, money, and breaking the law, that is not the way America was built to be like. Building this wall doesn’t take away the fact that we are many different countries put together, but rather it lets everyone know that we also care for the safety and wellbeing of Americans.

Building the wall along the border of Mexico will help America in all aspects. It will help with homeland security, more taxes being taken, bring down government assistant cost, and bring back jobs that American people desperately need. With not building the wall because of splitting families and the cost will only hinder America. America is a melting pot of all different countries but in order for that to happen it needs to be done legally. If we keep letting people in our country illegally we won’t know who we let in and this isn’t safe for America. America needs to fix our border and not allow people to infiltrate through from other countries.   The threat of terrorism and the safety of Americans should be the number one reason we need to build a wall.  “Border agents refuse entry to about 7 people a day that are known or suspected terrorists.  They apprehend upwards of 1100 people a day that try to enter illegally.  This is a 300 percent increase just in the last eight months of 2017” (We Must Secure the Border). Building this wall along the Mexico border and changing the immigration law will help America overall become a safer and better place.

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