Political Parties are Hurting American Politics

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Are political parties hurting american politics? Yes Political parties are and have hurt American politics for several years now and it seems to be getting worse with the Republican and Democrat feud growing larger and becoming worse than ever before.

A main reason why Political parties are hurting American Politics is because the individuals who run the parties care more about themselves than they do for everyone else and the welfare of America in general. For example, as of right now(2019), the American government is experiencing its longest shutdown in history thanks to a childish feud between 45th president of the U.

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S, Donald Trump, and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. Now in case you didn’t know, Donald Trump is a Republican which is a major separation between his and Pelosi’s Political views. This latest feud between the two parties was started by an argument between Trump and Pelosi about a massive wall being built on the U.S southern border to stop Illegal immigrants from sneaking into our country to steal our jobs and live here for free while the rest of us actually do our jobs. 

One of the Republican party’s main objectives is to stop the immigration problem that is causing America a lot of discomfort both Financially and Physically. But because of her views and the deals and connections that she has with other high ranking Democratic leaders, Pelosi can’t just let it slide, no, she has to start a 5 month ordeal that has caused thousands and thousands of U.S government workers to go without pay because the government has been shutdown until further notice. This issue could be solved easily, but instead, Pelosi has stated that she won’t negotiate a word with Trump about building his wall or any other topic until Trump re-opens the government, and of course, Trump will not reopen the government until Pelosi agrees to allow trump to follow through with his wall plan and how he plans on getting the funds for this project. Understand this, this whole entire mess could’ve been avoided and would’ve never happened if we didn’t have Political parties, this is true because no one from the Republican side wants anything to do with the Democrats and no one from the Democratic side wants to deal with a Republican because they absolutely hate each other’s guts. With this feud between the two powerhouse Political parties, we will be stuck in a stand still until someone finally gives and let’s the other side continue, or we just rid ourselves of political parties all together, which would most certainly be the best option out of the two.

Political parties give an unfair and bias advantage to all of the congressmen and women in government positions. For example, if more democrats are elected to office in the House and the senate, then the very few republicans ideas will with no doubt not even be taken into consideration and just swept under the rug metaphorically. If the U.S didn’t have Political parties, this wouldn’t be an issue because no one would be of a different group, they should be considered and see each other as equals. Also, they should all worry more about helping America and its citizens instead of there buddy’s who might think the same way that they do.

To sum everything up, America would be in a much better position right now if it got rid of political parties and just had equal people make unbiased decisions, sort of like a jury in a court trial. When jury members are selected, they start out with 23 individuals and narrow that number down to only twelve jurors to represent the final group. If one of the 23 jurors has a connection to the suspect or anyone involved in the case, they are politely yet firmly asked to leave because they have been removed from the jury in fear and safety so that they don’t give a bias opinion that would cause and unfair and unjust decision to be made that could possibly ruin an innocent man or woman’s life. We shoud remove all congressmen and women who make bias decisions when making them in their position


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