Personal Narrative Example for High School: Overcoming Challenges

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Transition to High School: Personal Narrative for High School

During my 8th-grade year at Independence Middle School, I was just about ready to get out of there and start the next chapter of my school career as a freshman in high school. I slowly started to care less and less about my homework since it was such a small fraction of my grade, but this did not help my procrastinating, perfectionist personality. I was just doing enough to skimp by with the lowest “A” possible while relying solely on smarts and paying attention during class.

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Considering that science and math had always been my strong suit, I put a little less effort into those classes than I did in my language arts and history classes. The end of the 8th-grade year had finally come, and the teachers were beginning the talk about high school: the effort needed, the classes to take, the workload, the teachers, and so much more.

As I was waiting to get my two science credits signed off by my teacher for my high school, I was then singled out by my teacher in front of a class of 28 other students. His boisterous voice said, “You think you’re going to take these classes? You’d be lucky to pass these classes with the effort you put into things. Keep up this mentality throughout life. You’ll never go anywhere in your life, and you’ll never accomplish anything.” It was single-handedly one of the most embarrassing moments of my school life. He could have pulled me over to the side and spoken to me privately, but his booming voice echoed through the classroom. The only good thing that came from this ignominious moment was the necessary reality check that I needed to get myself together and start putting more effort into my school work, but this also came about because a majority of things I do out are out of spite. I was not the type of person to let my 8th-grade science teacher belittle me in front of my peers and friends and then turn out to be right about what he said.

Aspirations for the Future

There are many things that I hope to accomplish and do when I get older. I want to improve and accomplish different things for myself in the career that I choose, in my material goals, and spiritually. I’m looking at the year 2024. I will be out of college and plan to be on my feet. I have high expectations for myself and hope to accomplish as many of my dreams and goals as I can throughout my life. Graduating from an honorable college is something that is important to me, and I wish to do. A career that interests me is engineering. Engineering is what I would like to major in at the college that is right for me. The school that I go to should be fun but set their students up for a bright future while encouraging them. I’m longing to be able to have fun and then still be able to do my schoolwork.

Finding the Right Fit: High School to College Transition

The school that I go to should want to encourage me and help me achieve my goals. It would also be nice if I was able to go to college with some friends or familiar faces. I’m yearning to be able to do things on the weekends and not worry about much. I chose these goals for myself because they best fit me. These goals that I have chosen were not because of a parent pushing me to do them as some other people do. I want to live the rest of my life the way that best suits me and not the way someone else sees fit for me.

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