Parental Stress

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Parental stress is when a parent always worries about whatever life will throw at them. Most parents try to keep their stress over their family and lives to themselves, in this paper we are going to discuss many stressors for parents. Stress generally refers to two things: the psychological perception of pressure, on the one hand, and the body’s response to it, on the other, which involves multiple systems, from metabolism to muscles to memory. (1)

Being stressed has so many levels for your body, and mind to figure out how to handle.

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This will cause your body and mind to be tense. Being a parents is hard and making the right chooses makes so many stressors for a parent. All parents experience parenting stress to some extent regardless of their educational level and the income or social support available to them. (4)


A couple wanting to have children need to think about what it will be to have children. Can they afford it? Will they both want to have children? What kinds of parents do they want to be? Is your body healthy enough for a pregnancy? So many different things for beginning parents to consider. Before the mother gets pregnant she need to stop any unhealthy things she may be doing like smoking, drinking or drugs. Have a healthy body and mind is important for being pregnant. Before you get pregnant you and the father need to be tested and make sure you both are healthy. The doctors will do blood test and go over what the mother should be taking as in vitamins and if the mother needs any other types of drugs. Sometimes just the stress of trying to conceive is hard on the mind and body with all the tension and stress. (2)

A lot of the time in a relationship one partner is ready to have children and the other is not and that will put stress in the relationship. Talking it over and making the decisions together will be most important. During the process of deciding on being parents there are many factors to becoming parents, how will we afford a baby? How will we decide on breast or bottle feedings? What type of diapers we use? So many simple but important questions to stress over to being a new parent.


Being able to afford a child is never gonna happen, by saying this I mean you can never have enough money to afford a child. Children are expensive and that will put a major stressor on new parents until they learn how to do it. Spend wisely, Wait until after the birth to start spending, Check on benefits, and Make trade-offs, Plan ahead, Practice budgeting, Think creatively, and Take the plunge these are a few ideas to help new parents with stress over having money to afford children. (5)

Many couples want to have a family so money is not a problem and when that is said it means they will go ahead and have children and make it work with the money. Money isn’t everything when you want a family but it is a big stressor when you can’t afford to buy diapers or formula for the child. Doctor bills and insurance can add to the stress of money. Many couples in the world work to be able to afford a child or children sometimes the moms get to be a stay at home mom but mostly have to work. A two income family is usually needed to survive in the world. Having money to pay the bills and other expenses will take a lot of stressful days and nights off of a parents shoulders. Being stressed over money will make a parent less involved in their child’s life and more stressed about where the money will come from. Parents want to be able to provide for their family in every way possible.

Ways to raise your child

So many way to raise a child and a few can be, help your child feel competent and confident, Encourage Special Skills, Applaud and Praise Efforts, Positive Parenting, Respect Different Learning Styles, Read, Read, Read, Eat Dinner Together, Balance Bedtime, Dole Out Endless Hugs. Having a balanced relationship with your child is important, children trust and believe every word their parents tell them so making it the right decision is important. Making a child fell competent and confident will help that child all through their life, encourage special skills like playing a sports, martial arts, dance, gymnastics or even academics, so many ways a parent can encourage a child will help that child in life.

Applaud and praise effort will make a child have better self confidence in themselves and they will want to succeed in their tasks to get that applaud or praise. Positive parenting will show the child how mutual respect can be, shows them how to be a good listener, consistency and fairness and also nonphysical disciple. Respect different learning styles means just because you have to have everything quiet when you work doesn’t mean a child does. Read, read, read will help a child learn that a parent will read to them if they want, they will learn how to talk earlier, how to comprehend words and learn in general. Eat dinner together is important to showing a child that family is important just sitting at the table together eating and discussing what may have happen during the day makes them closer.

Balance bedtime means make a schedule and stick to it. Getting rest is important for a child to be able to function. Best to have the child unplug about 30 minutes before bedtime and have some down time before getting in bed. Dole out Endless Hugs, a child can never have too much of a parents affection. Children that is brought up showing how much they are loved usually make wonderful people and parents of their own. Children need to be showed they are important to their parents and feel loved by them as well, so lots and lots of hugs and kisses. (6)

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