Order of Events in the Odyssey

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Order of Events in the Odyssey

This essay will outline the chronological order of events in Homer’s “The Odyssey.” It will unravel the complex narrative structure and how it contributes to the epic’s thematic depth. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Greek Mythology.

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Troy- Troy is where the whole story starts. Odysseus went to fight in the trojan war. After fighting for a long time they came up with a plan.They built the wooden horse and tricked the trojans thinking they surrendered. After the trojan war Odysseus and his men were trying to get home. They encountered many things on the way.

Cicones- Odysseus and his men went to the island of cicones to get food and water. Him and his men went through the whole town taking all of the food, water, and gold.

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The gods were disappointed in them. This is one of the reasons the gods killed so many of his men.

Lotus Eaters- After leaving Cicones with all the food, water, and gold, they went to the land of the lotus eaters. Some of his men met the lotus eaters. The lotus eaters gave them food and stuff to drink. This food and drink had the nectar of the lotus flower in it. The lotus flower makes you lose all hope of home so the men didn’t want to leave the island. Odysseus had to tie them up because he couldn’t get them to leave.

Cyclops- After he got all of his men back to the ship Odysseus and his men went to the island of the cyclops. They walked around the island until they found a cave. They built a fire and feasted in the cave. A cyclops went into the cave and sealed it with a bolder, odysseus and his men hid. When he found them he took 2 of odysseus’s men smashed their heads together and ate them. The next morning he ate 2 more. They came up with a plan to escape. They made a hot steak and shoved it into the cyclops eye. He told the cyclops that his name was nobody so when he called his friends to help him kill “nobody” no one came. They tied themselves to the bottom of the sheep so when he let the sheep out they could escape with them. Then they left.

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The Island of Aeolia- After escaping the Cyclops Island Odysseus and his men land on the island of Aeolia. The wind king, Aeolus, owes Odysseus a favor so he puts all of Ithaca’s winds into a bag so they could not harm the Ithacans. Odysseus and his men leave the island but the men become suspicious of the bag and open it. This releases all the winds that create a hurricane that pushes their ship back to Aeolia. When they arrive back at the island Aeolus drives them away again.

The Land of the Dead- Odysseus sacrifices the most handsome black lamb to Teiresias. He travels through the land of the dead to the blind prophet Teiresias. Teiresias tells Odysseus his prophecy. Teiresias tells him when he reaches Thrinacia not to touch the grazing herds of Helios or you and your crew will see destruction. Teiresias also tells Odysseus about what he will encounter when he reaches home. He tells Odysseus about all of the suitors who have taken refuge in his home hoping to win over the heart of his beloved Penelope.

Circe- After returning from the land of the dead with Teiresias’s prophecy Odysseus goes to talk to Circe. He tells her how he went and was told his prophecy by the blind prophet. After he explains his journey to Circe she retells Tiresias’s prophecy. Circe explains to him how to make it past the sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis on his way home. After learning how to make it past each obstacle Odysseus sets off for Thrinacia.

Charybdis- After making it past the siren’s entrancing song and Scylla they now had to deal with something even more deadly, Charybdis. Charybdis was the great sea monster that’s vomit could turn the sea into a cauldron seething over an intense fire. The mixture would sink and rise creating rough waters. She could then swallow the sea water down creating large powerful whirlpools, like a vacuum. These whirlpools could pull ships down along with the sea water into its great mouth. Odysseus and his men were terrified of being devoured.

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