Of Dreams and Sacrifice: George’s Heartbreaking Decision in ‘Of Mice and Men’

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Updated: Dec 28, 2023
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Of Dreams and Sacrifice: George’s Heartbreaking Decision in ‘Of Mice and Men’

An essay exploring George’s decision to end Lennie’s life in John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” delves into the intricate complexities of friendship, responsibility, and mercy. It scrutinizes the heart-wrenching moment when George, grappling with love and the stark realities of their world, chooses to spare Lennie from a fate dictated by an unforgiving society. The essay navigates the evolution of their relationship, dissecting the profound bond between George, the protector, and Lennie, the gentle yet unwittingly destructive soul. It probes the layers of George’s internal conflict, emphasizing his agonizing choice as an act of compassion rather than cruelty, unveiling the poignant commentary on the vulnerability of innocence and the sacrifices demanded in a harsh and unforgiving world. Ultimately, the essay scrutinizes the depth of George’s sacrifice, reflecting on the broader themes of loneliness, dreams, and societal disregard for the marginalized. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Of Mice and Men.

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In the haunting tale penned by John Steinbeck, the story of George and Lennie unravels against the backdrop of the American Great Depression. George Milton, a man with a weathered soul, finds himself entwined in an inseparable bond with Lennie Small, a gentle giant whose immense strength contrasts starkly with his childlike innocence.

The heart of their story beats with the rhythm of dreams—a shared vision of owning a piece of land, tending rabbits, and reveling in a life of independence.

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Yet, their dreams are woven with threads of fragility, threatened by the harsh realities of a world where the marginalized are destined to suffer.

Lennie’s innocence, akin to a fragile glass sculpture, cannot shield him from the cruel judgments of society. His unintentional actions, guided by an unquenchable love for soft things, become the tragic notes in their story. The accidental death of Curley’s wife becomes the crescendo, setting the stage for the ultimate heart-wrenching decision.

For George, the burden of responsibility grows heavier with each passing moment. He faces an excruciating crossroads—to let Lennie face the unforgiving wrath of society or to grant him a merciful escape from an inevitable fate. It’s a moment that tears at the seams of love, compassion, and the brutal reality of their existence.

In a heart-rending act, George decides to become the architect of Lennie’s fate. His choice to end Lennie’s life is not a callous deed but an act of profound love, a heartbreaking testament to their unbreakable bond. It’s a decision etched with sorrow and empathy, sparing Lennie from a world that fails to comprehend his innocence.

Their dream of a sanctuary, a plot of land where freedom reigns, becomes a poignant echo of an unattainable paradise. George’s act of taking Lennie’s life is not merely a farewell; it’s the shattering of a dream that was never meant to be—a testament to the brutality of a world that crushes the hopeful and disregards the different.

In this tale of shattered dreams and fractured hopes, Steinbeck crafts a narrative that pierces the heart. The ending isn’t just about George losing a friend; it’s a stark commentary on a world riddled with loneliness, prejudice, and the harshness that befalls the innocent.

In the act of releasing Lennie from the chains of an unforgiving world, George doesn’t just extinguish a life; he extinguishes the flickering ember of their shared aspirations. It’s a tragic finale that echoes the loneliness and sacrifices demanded by a world that often lacks compassion for those who don’t fit its mold. In George’s choice lies not just a farewell, but a profound critique of a society that fails to embrace and understand the gentle souls like Lennie.

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