Nursing Student Clinical Experience: Navigating the Path

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Nursing Student Clinical Experience: Navigating the Path

This essay will explore the clinical experiences of nursing students, discussing the challenges and learning opportunities they encounter. It will cover aspects such as hands-on patient care, working in healthcare teams, and applying theoretical knowledge in practical settings. The piece will also discuss the importance of these experiences in preparing students for a nursing career. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Health Care.

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Starting the Day: First Clinical Experience

My first clinical experience was on November 12, 2018, at the hospital (Regional Medical Center). I was overly avid and nervous at the time. I was there at 6:00 AM, wearing my white uniform, and was ready to start.

First of all, I washed my hand and completed my paperwork. I was assigned to a male patient who was in room 14. So, I went to my night nurse (Angel) to get the handoff report. In addition, I went to my patient’s room, introduced myself, and identified him by using his name and date of birth to make sure that I had the right patient.

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I told my patient that I’d be giving him a bed bath, and he refused and said, “My wife will give me a bed bath. Thanks.” I was so anxious during that time because I couldn’t force them to do so and couldn’t go without completing my assignment. Thus, I let my instructor know about the issue. I was present almost all the time in my patient’s room, so he could know me better. I felt a very personal connection between my patient and me, and I think that my experience in class helped me to give both him and his wife the care and empathy that they deserved.

Handling Emotions and Ensuring Patient Safety

Obviously, working in the healthcare setting entailed a huge amount of self-control and repression for the nurses to provide nursing care to the patient without including his/her own emotions. I helped my patient to eat his breakfast, and 30 min later, I took his vital signs (RR, T, P, BP, SpO2, and pain). Safety and competency were a priority during clinical hours. I unintentionally left my side rails down with a patient at high risk of falls. Then started giving him his bed bath with his wife’s assistance. My patient was sweet and awesome and was effectively communicating with me. Thus, this increased my confidence and my knowledge. After completing my bed bath, I documented the I/O and VS and reported them to my instructor.

Conclusion: Reflections and Lessons Learned

Finally, attending the first clinical day allowed me to improve my practice in the healthcare setting. The patient and his family made a great impression on me and my profession as a student nurse because it authorized me to utilize my skills and gain new job experiences. In reflection on this patient’s care, I now realize my personal participation in the case is a benefit rather than an impediment.

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