Nursing as an Art and Science: Connecting through Compassionate Care

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Updated: Sep 08, 2023
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Understanding the Art of Nursing

Kirsten Chau said it best “The art of nursing comes in as a nurse independently does his or her job. The options she or he considers in taking a certain action and ultimately the action s/he does to respond to patient needs are the art of nursing” (Chua, 2014). Through the examination, a definition was developed proposing that the specialty of nursing merely is the deliberate imaginative utilization, in light of ability and skill, to transmit feeling and importance to another.

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A procedure is abstract and requires translation, affectability, creative talent, and compelling interest.

As an art, nurses upgrade the ability to feel, sense, be aware of and perceive care delivery in a manner that demonstrates their mastery of the field’s practices. Nursing has engaged and changed circumstances with the customers/clients towards welcome health changes.

The Three Modules of Nursing as an Art

Hildegard Peplau, an incredible therapist and nursing scholar, sketched out the three modules of nursing as an art. They are the product, medium, and the process. The product aspect of art includes the enhanced activity of the customer/ client probably would exclude recognizable results. The method consists of the coordination effort begun by the nurse as he or she as far as possible. The process perhaps includes consideration of abilities or specialized skills. The medium is an art that realizes the enhancement concerning health over the span of inspiring the client’s potential. (Smith, Turkel & Wolf, 2012).

The School Nurse’s Artistry in Medical Crisis

An example is that of a student at school having an asthma attack, and his or her parent (s) is working under another name at their job because he or she is an illegal immigrant. Many students are reluctant to give information because they do not want the government or police to learn of their parents (s)’ whereabouts. Other legal family members (s) are listed to be contacted if their children become ill or injured. When this occurs, the school nurse decides to accompany the student to offer help when required; the school nurse usually is the one individual the student feels comfortable with and knowledgeable about the student’s medical history to help in the student’s medical care. Thus, it is artistic how the school nurse identifies with the student. The condition of the student relies upon this sort of consideration will be given to the patient will see to his or her recuperation. The tricky way that a nurse immediately and professionally controls care is a fine art that must not be underestimated.

Bridging the Gap: Merging Art and Science in Nursing

Nurses ought to comprehend the reality that their profession is about the parity of the craftsmanship and the art of their practices. This procedure will expand their thinking on the techniques of examination needed to care for patients and advance the field of nursing. An option of the art and quality viewpoints can result in authority exposure of revelation and progression act of nursing around the world. This gap has delayed the art of nursing for a long time; however, it gave an association between nursing hypothesis and practiced this gap can be closed.

Self-Care: A Critical Component in Nursing

Another component that is artfully drilled in revealing ways through the improved learning of self-minding suggests that many nurses disregard consideration of their own psychological and physical health for their patients. Generally, these actions prompt burnout, exhaustion, perplexity, and sadness. All these attributes are unsafe for the nursing procedure. The healthcare environment, in its entirety, must be all the more welcoming to change and more merciful of every worker associated with the uncommon restorative consideration. The interest and real supportive gestures that were essential to enhance the nursing field are adaptability and liberality, dependability, and regular assessment. (Smith, Turkel & Wolf, 2012).

Reflections on Nursing Communication and Legal Protections

Throughout the years, I understood that a significant part of nursing I based on student and parent contact and correspondence. I recall being with my scholar with the allergy attack and worrying about his care when the 2010 law, the American Nurse Association (ANA) reaffirmed its longstanding function that fitness care is a primary human proper for all people and issued a resolution stipulating that all individuals dwelling in the United States-documented or not, need to have access to health care (Fitzgerald, 2017).

Challenges and Changes in the Healthcare Environment

Other essential influences change the healthcare surroundings and professional nursing practice, together with adjustments in healthcare offerings due to effectiveness and cost-effectiveness being used to reorganize hospitals. What is more, there are several modifications in coverage and health care taken location in the business. These simple adjustments lead to frustration and a lack of a clear route for some personnel in the nursing setting in hospitals and doctor’s offices. If patients/ clients are dissatisfied with the services they are receiving, hospitals and doctor’s workplaces will now not get hold of the revenue and patient extent to continue to exist for as long as they have.

Addressing the Issue of School Nurse Shortages

Lastly, every other more frequent hassle that college districts have faced is a regular cycle of school nurse shortages, and qualified applicants have been turned away due to financial and legal guidelines no longer requiring school nurses for their districts. School nursing shortages are a dreadful journey that alarms any dad or mom, or guidance. Without the help of faculty nurses, mothers, and fathers are introduced to an even higher undertaking of their persistent child being taken care of in school than ever before. The shortage of nurses help with school districts will cause an egregious threat to the scientific area in the very close to future.

Upon completing my BSN, I would hope to look at changes that can stop the hurtful cycle targeted above. Educating school nurses on the art and science correlation has to be changed so that qualified nurses are in a position to enter a faculty health program and accumulate an increased appreciation of the underlying ideas of their field. Reforming training is continually a high-quality layout for any area; however, in the main concerning the field of nursing, the want for college nurses may also enlarge because nurses will be more magnificent and dynamically educated.

Implementing Strategies to Improve Nursing Work Environments

Several methods can be carried out to extend worker vanity and allow for higher fine-tuning of the changes. School Districts can replace coverage and tips to make it less painful for nurses to be employed. Several meetings can be held to set up a clear course for nurses and reiterate the values of the company. Furthermore, the agency can furnish nurses with coaching on organizational obstacles to expand the conversation between a team of workers and continuously strengthen standards to avoid burnout and misperception.

Conclusion: The Significance of Compassionate Care in Nursing

“It is in the nurses’ hands to promote positive changes in patients. Every day we are faced with patients who are in different conditions. In this case, individualized nursing care is noteworthy. Knowledge is not enough. Compassionate care is paramount” (Chua, 2014).

The art of nursing calls for fantastic interpersonal skills, a capability for the nurse to connect well with the patients, and improved communication between the nurse and both the patient and, at a time, the family of the patient. A nurse is counting on to help his or her patients not only be familiar with how to manage the disease but also teach the patients’ family home care procedures after their treatment. Patient, a smile, and a friendly touch go a long way.

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